An Enthusiast who actively enjoys the teaching learning process.
July 4, 1988

About Candidate

Sehrish Qayyum is a dedicated and ambitious educator with a Master’s degree in MSC Botany. Currently employed as a government employee, Sehrish has a passion for teaching and has achieved excellent results through hard work and commitment. Sehrish specializes in teaching a range of subjects, including O Level Science Group, Pre 9th – 9th -10th Science Group, Class 1-8, and A level Chemistry and Biology. With a strong educational background that includes 10th-grade studies in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics, as well as FSc Pre Medical in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, Sehrish is well-prepared to guide students to success. Sehrish offers home tutoring services in the Islamabad-Rawalpindi area, focusing on helping students excel in their academic pursuits. If you are seeking an experienced tutor who is passionate about education and has a track record of achieving excellent results, Sehrish Qayyum is an excellent choice. In summary, Sehrish Qayyum is a highly motivated educator with a background in botany and a strong commitment to teaching. With expertise in various subjects, Sehrish is dedicated to helping students achieve their academic goals.

Classes Taught

Edexcel Primary,IB,MYP,O Levels

Subjects taught

Biology, Science, Chemistry, Psychology. All subjects upto Grade 8,

Tutoring rates

30K -60K per month


Afternoon and Evening sessions

Teaching methods

Discussion and Demonstration

tutor\'s specialty areas

Homework Help, Test Prep, Concept Building

tutor\'s teaching philosophy.

Lecture Based with Objective approach.