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General Information

Miss ALIYA ALTAF – An Exceptional Mathematician and Educator

If you’re searching for a highly skilled and experienced math teacher in Islamabad, Pakistan, you need to know about Aliya Altaf. Aliya is an exceptional mathematician and educator, who has over three years of teaching experience, and a strong background in mathematics.
Aliya Altaf’s Background and Qualifications
Aliya’s academic achievements are exceptional. She completed her Master of Science in Mathematics from Comsats University in Islamabad, where she was able to acquire a wide range of mathematical skills. She has been involved in several research projects, including Non-Linear Dynamics, which has given her in-depth knowledge of various mathematical concepts. Her expertise in using tools such as MATLAB and Java is remarkable.

Teaching Experience

Aliya has previously worked with many renowned educational institutions in Islamabad, including The City School, Innovative School and College, and is currently working at Beacon School as a mathematics teacher. She has an excellent teaching style that is tailored to the individual needs of each student. With four years of experience as a Beaconhouse tutor, Aliya has developed a unique teaching approach that guarantees success for all her students.

Home Tutoring Services

Aliya offers exceptional home tutoring services for students in G Sector, F Sector, and I Sector of Islamabad. Her tutoring services cover a wide range of math-related courses, including Junior Grades, Pre O Level, O Level, Fsc, 9th, and 10th grade. With her extensive experience and exceptional mathematical skills, Aliya’s tutoring services are the best choice for students who want to excel in mathematics.
Passion for Mathematics and Traveling
Aliya’s passion for mathematics goes beyond teaching. She is also passionate about traveling and writing. Her travels in Pakistan and abroad have given her unique perspectives on different cultures, which have informed her approach to teaching mathematics. Aliya’s passion for writing has led her to participate in several writing competitions, and she has written travelogs documenting her journeys.
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Why Choose Aliya Altaf

Aliya’s exceptional mathematical skills and teaching style set her apart from other math teachers in Islamabad. She has extensive experience in the field and a unique approach to teaching that ensures success for all her students. Her ability to tailor her teaching style to the individual needs of each student is exceptional.
Aliya’s use of tools such as MATLAB and Java, coupled with her in-depth knowledge of various mathematical concepts, makes her the best math teacher in Islamabad. Her tutoring services are also top-notch, covering a wide range of math-related courses and tailored to the needs of each student.
If you’re looking for a highly skilled math teacher in Islamabad, Pakistan, Aliya Altaf should be your top choice. With her vast experience, exceptional mathematical skills, and passion for teaching, she is an outstanding educator who can help students excel in mathematics. Contact her today to book a tutoring session or to inquire about her services.

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