IGCSE/A Level Economics & Business Specialist ShortList

Dr. Sajjad Haider

Turning Good into Outstanding in IGCSE/A Level Economics & Business.

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General Information

  • Slogan Turning Good into Outstanding in IGCSE/A Level Economics & Business.
  • Classes and Subjects  A levelO levelFinanceOthers
  • Languages English, Urdu
  • Highest Degree Level Ph D
  • Total Years of Experience 30 Years.
  • Expected Job Level A Level Teacher/ Tutor
  • Fee Offers Rs. 50,000
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  1. IGCSE/A Level Economics & Business Utilizing his skills, experience, and friendly teaching approach, Dr. Sajjad Haider simplifies complex Economics and Business principles, allowing students to excel in these subjects. His ambition is to ensure students attain the highest grades through harmonious, engaging, and fun learning sessions.
  2. IGCSE Business Fostering a lively and welcoming learning atmosphere, Dr. Haider equips students with the necessary skills to navigate the Business sector. With his wealth of experience, he incites interest and a high-level understanding, aiming for top grades for each student.
  3. IGCSE Economics Embracing a friendly and engaging style, Dr. Haider makes Economics an exciting exploration for students. His expertise and ambition motivate learners to achieve their best, transforming the subject into an interesting and rewarding learning experience.
  4. A Level Economics With an approachable and humorous style, Dr. Haider brings advanced Economics to life. His skills and experience fuel his ambition to guide students to the highest academic echelons, fostering a harmonious environment that encourages active learning.
  5. A Level Business By creating a friendly and fun-filled learning ambiance, Dr. Haider captivates students’ interest in complex Business topics. His ambition is to leverage his expertise and skills to drive students toward top grades.
  6. Thesis Writing & Research Paper Assistance Dr. Haider’s extensive experience equips him to guide students through thesis writing and research paper composition in a supportive, harmonious, and engaging manner. His skill and ambition ensure that students are well-prepared to conduct high-quality research, aiming to achieve the highest grades.

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