Anum Arsalan

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General Information

  • Locations  RawalpindiBaria Town Phase 1-8
  • Classes and Subjects  Grade 1-8
  • Languages Urdu and English
  • Highest Degree Level High School
  • Total Years of Experience 6
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I am a passionate teacher who provides students with exceptional learning opportunities and support of educational endeavors. Skilled implementer of diverse instruction methods for cultivating a fruitful learning environment for all. Positively motivates students with individual guidance and empathetic mentorship.


I offer high enthusiasm, extraordinary positivity and motivation in and out of the classroom. My objective as an educator is to be a compassionate, intelligent and innovative teacher who will make a positive contribution to her classroom and school community.

Work Experience

February 15 till November 19
Happy Palace Grammar SchoolMaths & Sceince Teacher
  • Established clearrnobjectives for all lessons, units and projects.
  • rnrnCreated lesson plansrnin line with school curriculum standards.
  • rnrnEmployed a broad rangernof instructional techniques to retain student interest and maximize learning.
  • Created engaging andrndynamic lessons with an emphasis on improving students' skills.
  • rnrnPursued professionalrndevelopment activities to broaden and deepen knowledge of content and teachingrnskills.


January 12 till December 14
The Foundation SchoolHistory & Geography Teacher
  • Developed andrnimplemented engaging lesson plans for teaching various historical periods andrntopics.
  • rnrnCreated andrnadministered assessments to evaluate students' understanding of historicalrnconcepts and track their progress.
  • rnrnürnUtilized technologyrnand multimedia resources to enhance teaching and student learning experiences.
  • rnrnProvidedrnindividualized support and guidance to students to promote their academic andrnpersonal growth.
  • rnrnCollaborated withrncolleagues to develop and align curriculum, ensuring a cohesive andrncomprehensive history education for students.

Summary of Skills

Classroom managment
Student Centric Learning
Time Management
Soft Skills
Result Oriented

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Summary of skills

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