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Elevate your educational journey with Educationist, your go-to source for affordable, result-oriented online tutoring services. Our experienced tutors provide top-notch guidance worldwide, ensuring a quality online learning experience for all. Join us for personalized education that unlocks your true potential. Get Top Grades and Achieve Your Dreams with Educationist Tutors.”

Welcome to Educationist, where we redefine online tutoring with our affordable and result-oriented approach. Our experienced tutors deliver expert solutions globally, offering high-quality education through personalized online learning programs. Whether you’re seeking the best in online education or looking for an affordable and expert tutor, Educationist is your partner in academic excellence. We provide a comprehensive range of services, including private tutoring, e-learning programs, and educational consulting. Experience the difference with Educationist – where education knows no boundaries. Unlock your potential with our expert guidance and elevate your learning journey today. Visit for a world-class education tailored just for you.

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“Expert Tutors for All Subjects” or “Helping Students of All Ages Reach Their Full Potential.”

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  • Educationist institute offers home and online tutors in Pakistan and globally.
  • Free demo classes are available.
  • Affordable Fee.
  • Tutoring available for various academic levels including:
    • A level
    • O level
    • IGCSE
    • Edexcel
    • IB
    • FSc, ICS, ICOM, FA
    • Class 10
    • Class 9
    • Pre-9th
    • Class 1-8
    • Pre-O level
    • Montessori, PG, Nur, KG
    • GRE, SAT, GAT
    • Spoken English, IELTS
    • BSc, BA, MA
    • Cadet college entrance exam preparation
    • SAT-I, SAT-II
    • ISSB
    • CSS/PMS
    • Computer Course
  • Home and online tutors are available near your location.

“Celebrating Excellence: Rihaab Fareed Tops Globally in Economics with Dr. Yasir’s Mentorship.”

home-online tutor for O/A level Economic in Islamabad


Educationist : Rihaab Fareed Tops Globally

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Witness the success of our students with outstanding Cambridge results.

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Explore our diverse categories of tutors, including O/A Level, Bachelor (BS, BA), Intermediate (FSc, ICS, FA, ICO), Middle School ( Grade 1-8 ), Language, Master, Specialized Programs, Spoken English, Montessori ( PG-Nur-KG), Entrance Exams ( NUST-MDCAT, ECAT, GIKI), SAT-I, SAT-II and CSS/PMS.

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Educationist: Popular Job Categories

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