December 24, 1995

About Candidate

Delivering engaging and interactive online lessons to students of various ages and levels
Creating and implementing lesson plans that align with curriculum standards
Providing timely and constructive feedback on students’ work and progress
Utilizing online teaching tools and platforms effectively to enhance the learning experience
Monitoring and assessing students’ academic performance and adjusting teaching strategies as needed
Collaborating with parents, colleagues, and school administrators to support students’ educational needs
Demonstrating professionalism and maintaining a positive and inclusive learning environment

Classes Taught

Grade 1 to 7th

Subjects taught

Computer Science
Special Education Instructor

Tutoring rates

700/hour pkr

Time Availability

10am to 6pm

My A+ Achieving Strategy

Revision of previous work

Teaching methods

Different teaching styles to grab student's interests

tutor\'s specialty areas

Helping in home tasks plus regular tests and assessment

tutor\'s teaching philosophy.

The teacher believes in the conceptual clarity if the students and give examples from daily life to make the subject interesting.

Suitable Areas