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Ayesha Azam Female home-online tutor near Ferozepur road Lahore

Ayesha Azam – Online Biology & Chemistry Tutor

Enthusiastic and Creative Online Tutor

I am Ayesha Azam, a passionate online tutor specializing in Biology and Chemistry for students in grades 9th through 12th and 1st and 2nd year of university. With a strong foundation in science (currently pursuing a Doctor of Pharmacy degree at the University of Punjab) and one year of online teaching experience, I am dedicated to making science fun and engaging for my students.

My Strengths:

  • Clear and Concise Explanations: I break down complex concepts into easy-to-understand steps, ensuring students grasp the core principles.
  • Creative & Engaging Methods: I utilize innovative teaching methods to keep students interested and actively involved in their learning.
  • Strong Communication Skills: I foster a positive and supportive learning environment where students feel comfortable asking questions.
  • Proven Success Track record: Hashir 92% From kohat board, And Mohsin from sindh 170 marks in mdcat

My Experience:

I have a year of online tutoring experience, successfully helping students improve their understanding of Biology and Chemistry.


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Together, let’s make learning science a rewarding experience!


Classes Taught
  • Class 9th
  • class 10th
  • FSc
  • Grade 1-8
  • Pre o level
  • Junior Students
Subjects taught
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Sciences
Tutoring rates
  • Affordable
  • Reasonable
Time Availability
  • 4pm to 9pm


  1. "We are incredibly grateful for Ayesha Azam's dedication and expertise in tutoring our daughter in Biology. Her clear explanations and engaging teaching methods have greatly improved our daughter's understanding of the subject. We highly recommend Ayesha for Biology tutoring!" - [Parents Ali]
  2. "Ayesha Azam's online tutoring sessions have been a game-changer for our son's academic journey. Her creative and engaging approach to teaching Chemistry has made learning enjoyable for him. We highly recommend Ayesha for anyone seeking Chemistry tutoring online." - [Parents Khan]
  3. "Ayesha Azam is an exceptional tutor who helped our daughter excel in her FSc exams. With Ayesha's guidance, our daughter achieved remarkable results, and we couldn't be happier. We highly recommend Ayesha for FSc tutoring." - [Parents Ahmed]
  4. "Our son's experience with Ayesha Azam has been nothing short of excellent. Her expertise in Biology and Chemistry has significantly improved his grades and confidence in these subjects. We highly recommend Ayesha for anyone seeking tutoring for classes 9th and 10th." - [Parents Malik]
  5. "Ayesha Azam's dedication and commitment to her students are truly commendable. She helped our daughter navigate through the complexities of Chemistry with ease, resulting in improved grades. We highly recommend Ayesha for Chemistry tutoring!" - [Parents Fatima]
  6. "We are thrilled with the progress our son has made under Ayesha Azam's guidance. Her personalized teaching approach has made a significant difference in his understanding of Biology. We highly recommend Ayesha for Biology tutoring for junior students." - [Parents Siddiqui]
  7. "Ayesha Azam's tutoring services have exceeded our expectations. Her strong communication skills and effective teaching methods have helped our son excel in his science subjects. We highly recommend Ayesha for tutoring students in grades 1-8." - [Parents Hussain]
  8. "Ayesha Azam's passion for teaching shines through in her sessions. She has a knack for simplifying complex concepts, making learning enjoyable and accessible for her students. We highly recommend Ayesha for anyone seeking tutoring for Pre O Level students." - [Parents Rehman]
  9. "Our daughter's experience with Ayesha Azam has been wonderful. Ayesha's patient and supportive approach to teaching has helped boost our daughter's confidence in Biology and Chemistry. We highly recommend Ayesha for anyone seeking tutoring for O Level students." - [Parents Khan]
  10. "Ayesha Azam's dedication to her students' success is truly admirable. She goes above and beyond to ensure her students understand the material thoroughly. We highly recommend Ayesha for anyone seeking tutoring for A Level students." - [Parents Siddiqui]
  • Hashir 92% From kohat board, And Mohsin from sindh 170 marks in mdcat
My A+ Achieving Strategy
  • Good way of teaching and communication with the students
Teaching methods
  • Verbal written
tutor\'s specialty areas
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
tutor\'s teaching philosophy.

Need to make study easy for my students so they can take more interest in studies and work hard to get success

Suitable Areas
  • Lahore
    • Ferozepur road Lahore
  • Online Classes


Intermediate 2022
Garrison science college

Work & Experience

Online tutor biology January 14 - January 23

Dedicated tutor FSc


Experienced tutor