Ayesha bint-e-Javid

PKR4000 / month
September 10, 1995

About Candidate

  • *Objective:*
    Passionate and dedicated educationist committed to fostering a positive and inclusive learning environment. Striving to inspire and empower students to reach their full potential through innovative teaching methods and curriculum development.



– IT Expert
– Curriculum Development
– Classroom Management
– Educational Technology Integration
– Student Assessment and Evaluation
– Professional Development for Educators
– Inclusive Teaching Practices

*Professional Development:*
– Regularly attend workshops and seminars to stay updated on educational trends and best practices.


Summarized Profile

Ayesha Bint-e-JavidA hard-working, confident and highly motivated individual seeking employment as an engineer/ tutor/mentor/teacher. Possess technical knowledge, excellent teaching skills, expertise and experience required for an engineer/tutor/mentor/teacher. Proficient, adaptable, and can work independently or as part of a team.


MATLAB Programming, LTSpice, Proteus, Arduino, c++ ,python, Microcontroller.

Classes Taught

Girls’ Cadet College Mardan     Lecturer

  1. Teaching science , maths and computer to 8th class.
  2. Teaching physics to board classes (9th ,10th ,1st year).

Army Public School and College Iqbal, Nowshera                   (2018 to 2019)    


  1. Taught science subjects to 8 grade.
  2. Taught physics to board classes (9th ,10th , 1st year).


Subjects taught

Give Your Child In-depth Knowledge of the Subjects with Ayesha!

Ayesha bint-e-Javid is an expert lecturer of computer , science , maths and physics , possess in-depth knowledge of the subject matter, effective communication skills, adaptability to different learning styles, patience, and the ability to create engaging and personalized learning experiences for her students. Her expertise extends beyond content mastery to fostering a positive and supportive learning environment.

Tutoring rates

Rs 4000 per subject, monthly rate.

Time Availability
  • 4pm to 10pm
  1. Reviews of the Parents
  •  "Our experience with the best tutor has been phenomenal. Her patient and tailored approach to teaching has not only improved our child's grades but also boosted their confidence in the subject." said Mr Abdul Rasheed
  • Another satisfied mother said "I can't recommend the best tutor enough. They have a unique way of explaining complex concepts, making learning enjoyable for my child. The progress we've seen in their academic performance is  remarkable."
  • "As a parent, finding the best tutor was a game-changer. Their commitment to understanding our child's learning style and addressing specific challenges has made a significant impact on their overall educational journey." said a grateful father.
  •  "The best tutor goes above and beyond to ensure my child grasps the material. Their passion for teaching is evident, and the positive atmosphere they create during lessons has fostered a genuine love for learning."
  •  "Choosing the best tutor was the best decision for our family. Not only did they help our child excel academically, but they also instilled a sense of curiosity and a thirst for knowledge that goes beyond the classroom."

These reviews highlight the positive influence of the best tutor on both academic performance and the overall learning experience for the students.


Result attained: ·

6 CGPA since 2019 till to date. ·

All students won A1 grade.

Board Positions

  • Year 2022 .

·            2nd  Board positions shared by 4 students.


3rd Board position 1 student.

  • Year 2023.

·              Board positions 1st and 2nd




My A+ Achieving Strategy

My A+ Strategy!

  • By providing clear explanations
  • offering additional resources
  • customizing teaching methods to suit individual learning styles
  • encouraging regular practice and review
Teaching methods

Ayesha's Unique Teaching Methadologies include:

  1. *Diverse Strategies:* Incorporate a mix of teaching methods, considering lectures, group activities, case studies, and interactive discussions to address various learning preferences.
  2. *Active Learning:* Encourage students' participation through hands-on activities, debates, and problem-solving exercises to enhance understanding and retention.
  3. *Technology Integration:* Utilize educational technology to supplement traditional methods, fostering engagement and preparing students for the digital age.
  4. *Assessment Variety:* Implement diverse assessment tools, including quizzes, projects, and presentations, to evaluate comprehension and skills development.
  5. *Adaptability:* Adjust teaching methods based on student feedback, performance, and emerging educational trends to meet evolving learning needs.
  6. *Real-world Relevance:* Relate theoretical concepts to practical applications, helping students see the real-world implications of what they're learning.
  7. *Personalized Learning:* Recognize and accommodate individual differences, tailoring instruction to students' strengths, interests, and pace of learning.
  8. *Feedback Loop:* Establish a constructive feedback loop, providing timely and specific feedback to guide students' improvement and understanding.
  9. *Collaborative Learning:* Foster collaboration among students, promoting teamwork and communication skills that are valuable beyond the classroom.
  10. *Continuous Improvement:* Regularly reflect on teaching methods, seeking professional development opportunities to stay informed about innovative approaches and pedagogical research.
tutor\'s specialty areas
  • Physics
  • Science
  • Maths
  • Computer
  • -Information Technology
  • -Ms Word
  • -Ms PowerPoint
  • -Ms Excel
  • -Presentations
  • Event Organiser
tutor\'s teaching philosophy.
  1.  *Subject Mastery:* Ayesha bint-e-Javid have a deep understanding of philosophical concepts to effectively teach and guide students.  *Communication Skills:* Bulids an environment of clear communication which is crucial for conveying complex philosophical ideas, fostering understanding, and encouraging critical thinking. 3. *Adaptability:* Is flexible in her teaching methods, adjusting to students' learning styles and adapting to diverse philosophical topics. 4. *Encouraging Critical Thinking:* Her philosophical tutoring promotes analytical skills, encouraging students to question, evaluate, and construct well-reasoned arguments. 5. *Patience:* Ayesha exhibits great patience when students grapple with complex concepts or struggle to articulate their thoughts. 6. *Socratic Method:* Incorporates the Socratic method which helps students develop their reasoning abilities by engaging in thoughtful dialogue and questioning. 7. *Resourcefulness:* Ayesha provides additional resources, references, and readings to deepen students' understanding of philosophical theories and perspectives. 8. *Ethical Considerations:* Addresses ethical implications and fostering a sense of responsibility in philosophical discussions which is essential for a well-rounded education. 9. *Encouragement of Diversity:* Ayesha Acknowledges diverse philosophical traditions and perspectives helping students to appreciate the richness and variety within the field. 10. *Feedback:* Encourages constructive feedback which is crucial to help students refine their arguments and improve their overall philosophical skills.
Suitable Areas
  • Online tutoring.


Bachelors of Sciences in Electrical Computer Engineering (Masters Equivalent) Degree 2014-2018
COMSATS University , Islamabad
F.SC Pre-Engineering 2013-2014
Army Burn Hall College for Girls , Abbottabad
Matriculation 2012
Army Public School and College , Khuzdar

Work & Experience

Lecturer DS (Directing Staff) 2019 - To date
Girls Cadet College , Mardan

*Professional Experience:* Lecturer - Girls Cadet College , Mardan [2019-to date] - Fostered a collaborative and supportive classroom atmosphere to enhance student participation and comprehension.

Lecturer 2018 - 2019
Army Public School and College Iqbal ,Nowshera

*Professional Experience:* Lecturer - Army Public School and College Iqbal , Nowshera, [2018-2019] - Developed and implemented engaging lesson plans tailored to diverse learning styles.

Interviewing Panel Member
Girls Cadet College , Mardan

- Was member of interviewing panel during selection process of cadets. - Took part in curricular , co-curricular , administrative and sports activities as volunteer.

CIIT Abbottabad and COMSATS University Islamabad - Organizer 2015

Worked at Comsazia , the first ever radio initiated by the students of CIIT Abbottabad and proud volunteers of IEEE , as Laison Leader. Also acted as ambassador at COMSATS Islamabad.

CIIT Abbottabad - Event Organizer 2015
Event Organizer at Selfie Contest at CIIT Abbottabad

Organized the event.

CIIT Abbottabad 2015

Attended professional meetings and organized events at IEEE Branch COMSATS Abbottabad.



A+ Grade
Board Positions