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Dr. Iqra, a highly accomplished and dedicated educator. Currently pursuing her MBBS and holding the prestigious titles of MBBS and MDCAT Topper, Dr. Iqra brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her teaching practice. Specializing in guiding students through FSc, 9th, 10th, MDCAT, and junior levels, she has consistently achieved outstanding results through her unwavering commitment to her students’ success. Her teaching methods and dedication have earned her recognition as the top tutor for MDCAT and MBBS preparation. I look forward to discussing how Dr. Iqra can contribute to your child’s educational journey.

Summarized Profile

Nurturing Excellence: Witness the Success of Dr. Iqra's Students Dr. Iqra, a beacon of medical education, takes immense pride in her students' accomplishments. Her unwavering dedication to fostering academic excellence and her passion for empowering aspiring medical professionals have propelled her students to remarkable heights. Mahnoor Hayat, currently pursuing MBBS at Khyber Medical University, exemplifies the transformative impact of Dr. Iqra's guidance. Mahnoor's academic brilliance and unwavering commitment to the field of medicine are a testament to Dr. Iqra's exceptional teaching methods and unwavering support. Ifra Ali, another shining star under Dr. Iqra's tutelage, is diligently pursuing MBBS at Nishtar Medical University in Multan. Ifra's dedication to her studies and her unwavering pursuit of knowledge are a direct reflection of Dr. Iqra's ability to instill a deep passion for medical excellence in her students. Neha Farah, a student at Shifa Medical College in Islamabad, is enrolled in the MBBS program, demonstrating her unwavering commitment to becoming a skilled and compassionate medical professional. Neha's academic achievements and her passion for helping others are a testament to Dr. Iqra's ability to nurture well-rounded individuals. Marryam Sial, an aspiring dental surgeon, is currently studying BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery). Her pursuit of excellence mirrors Dr. Iqra's emphasis on mastering the intricacies of the medical field and providing quality healthcare to patients. Marryam's dedication to her studies and her passion for dentistry are truly inspiring. Muhammad Ali, a student at FMDC (Federal Medical and Dental College), is pursuing MBBS, showcasing his unwavering commitment to academic excellence. Muhammad's dedication to his studies and his pursuit of knowledge are a result of Dr. Iqra's ability to motivate and inspire her students to reach their full potential. Zimal Sohail, an academic luminary, secured the top position in FSC examinations, demonstrating his intellectual curiosity and unwavering commitment to learning. Zimal's outstanding achievement is a testament to Dr. Iqra's ability to cultivate a deep passion for knowledge and academic excellence in her students. Mahnoor Sheikh, currently studying MBBS at Allama Iqbal Medical College in Lahore, embodies the impact of Dr. Iqra's mentorship. Mahnoor's dedication to her studies and her unwavering pursuit of becoming a skilled and compassionate medical professional are a reflection of Dr. Iqra's exceptional teaching methodology. These remarkable students are a testament to Dr. Iqra's unwavering commitment to nurturing academic excellence and empowering aspiring medical professionals. Their success stories serve as an inspiration to future generations of students seeking to make a positive impact on the world of healthcare.

Classes Taught

MTCAT (Medical and Dental College Admission Test) MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) FSc Pre-Medical (Intermediate Science with Pre-Medical Focus) O Level Biology and Chemistry Class 9th-10th

Subjects taught

Her expertise includes, but is not limited to: MDCAT Preparation: Comprehensive guidance for the Medical and Dental College Admission Test. MBBS Preparation: In-depth support for students pursuing Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery. O Level Biology and Chemistry: Targeted lessons for success in O Level Biology and Chemistry examinations. FSc (Pre-Medical): Thorough coverage of subjects relevant to pre-medical studies. 9th and 10th Grade: Tailored tutoring for students in these crucial academic years.

Tutoring rates

Dr. Iqra offers flexible tutoring rates tailored to meet the individual needs of students. The fee ranges from 20,000 to 40,000, depending on the specific requirements and goals of the student. This personalized approach ensures that each student receives the necessary support and guidance in a way that suits their unique learning journey. For more details on rates and to discuss your specific tutoring needs, feel free to get in touch with Dr. Iqra. Your academic success is her priority.

Time Availability

Dr. Iqra's Availability for Online and Home Tutoring Take advantage of her expertise in MDCAT and MBBS preparation. Contact now to discuss scheduling and make the most of this opportunity for personalized and effective tutoring.


"I owe my success to Miss Iqra, whose guidance paved the way for my journey in medicine. Currently studying MBBS at Khyber Medical University, I am grateful for the knowledge and inspiration she shared." - Mahnoor Hayat "Miss Iqra's teaching goes beyond the ordinary. Her support has been instrumental in my pursuit of MBBS at Nishtar Medical University in Multan. Her dedication is truly commendable." - Ifra Ali "Choosing Shifa Medical College in Islamabad was a dream come true, and I credit Miss Iqra for her unwavering support. Her teaching played a pivotal role in my journey toward an MBBS degree." - Neha Farah "Studying BDS has been a fulfilling experience, thanks to the foundation Miss Iqra provided. Her commitment to students' success is reflected in every lesson. I am grateful to be under her guidance." - Marryam Sial "Miss Iqra's impact extends far beyond the classroom. Pursuing MBBS at FMDC, I am thankful for her guidance that prepared me for the challenges of medical education." - Muhammad Ali "Zimal Sohail, who secured the top position in FSC examinations, attributes her success to Miss Iqra's effective teaching methods. She is truly a mentor who shapes futures." "Miss Iqra's influence reaches Allama Iqbal Medical College in Lahore, where I am currently studying MBBS. Her dedication to students' dreams is unparalleled." - Mahnoor Sheikh

My A+ Achieving Strategy

My strategies for achieving A grade to students  include spaced practice, interleaving, elaboration, concrete examples, dual coding, and retrieval practice and using evaluation to help students learn quickly from their work so they can learn from and adapt their strategies student's overall performance can be greatly improved when they receive constructive criticism. Everyone loves to hear appreciation and positive feedback, which encourages students to work harder. Therefore, teachers must focus on wording feedback carefully  

Teaching methods

Explicit instruction and guidance: Dr. Iqra's strong understanding of the medical curriculum allows her to provide clear and concise explanations of complex concepts. Her ability to break down complex topics into manageable chunks makes it easier for students to grasp the material. Problem-solving and critical thinking: As a high achiever in both MBBS and MDCAT, Dr. Iqra is well-versed in solving challenging problems and thinking critically. She can incorporate these skills into her teaching by posing thought-provoking questions, encouraging students to analyze data, and guiding them towards developing their own problem-solving strategies. Hands-on learning: Medical education is not just about theoretical knowledge; it also requires practical skills. Dr. Iqra can incorporate hands-on learning experiences into her teaching by utilizing simulations, case studies, and laboratory experiments. These experiences will allow students to apply their knowledge to real-world scenarios and develop the skills they need to be successful medical professionals.

tutor\'s specialty areas

MTCAT (Medical and Dental College Admission Test) MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) FSc Pre-Medical (Intermediate Science with Pre-Medical Focus) O Level Biology and Chemistry Class 9th-10th

tutor\'s teaching philosophy.

Student-Centered Learning: Dr. Iqra firmly believes that students are not passive recipients of knowledge but active participants in their learning journey. She places the student at the center of the learning process, tailoring her teaching methods to cater to their individual needs and learning styles. Conceptual Understanding over Rote Memorization: Dr. Iqra emphasizes deep conceptual understanding over rote memorization. She encourages students to explore concepts beyond the textbook, fostering a deeper appreciation for the interconnectedness of scientific disciplines. Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking: Dr. Iqra believes that problem-solving and critical thinking skills are essential for success in medical education and beyond. She incorporates these skills into her teaching, guiding students to analyze problems, evaluate evidence, and formulate solutions. Hands-on Learning and Practical Experience: Dr. Iqra recognizes the importance of hands-on learning and practical experience in medical education. She incorporates simulations, case studies, and laboratory experiments into her teaching, allowing students to apply their knowledge to real-world scenarios. Holistic Development: Dr. Iqra believes that nurturing well-rounded medical professionals requires more than just academic excellence. She fosters a holistic learning environment that promotes personal growth, teamwork, and ethical decision-making skills.

Suitable Areas

Are you seeking a dedicated and experienced tutor for your academic needs? Dr. Iqra is currently available for both online and home tutoring in and around the G-13 area, as well as in the F sectors of Islamabad. Whether you prefer the convenience of online learning or the comfort of home tutoring, Dr. Iqra is ready to provide comprehensive support to students in their educational journey. Don't miss the opportunity to benefit from her expertise in MDCAT and MBBS preparation. Contact now to schedule your sessions and enhance your learning experience.


Dr. Iqra illuminates the path for aspiring medical professionals ( MBBS ) 2021
Szabmu Islamabad

A beacon of medical excellence, Dr. Iqra illuminates the path for aspiring medical professionals. A stellar MBBS graduate from the renowned Szabmu University in Islamabad, Dr. Iqra embodies the pinnacle of academic achievement. Her unwavering commitment to medical education, coupled with her firsthand experience from a revered institution, establishes her as an invaluable mentor for those seeking a holistic understanding of the medical curriculum. Dr. Iqra's impressive academic record serves as a testament to her unwavering dedication to mastering the complexities of medical science.

FSc Pre Medical 2019
BISE Multan

In the realm of FSc Pre-Medical education, Dr. Iqra has demonstrated exceptional academic prowess. Graduating from BISE Multan, she secured an outstanding score of 1020 out of 1100, attaining an impressive 93%. This remarkable achievement not only highlights her thorough understanding of the Pre-Medical curriculum but also showcases her commitment to academic excellence. Dr. Iqra's stellar performance at the FSc level underscores her proficiency in foundational medical sciences, making her a knowledgeable and capable educator for students aspiring to excel in similar academic pursuits.

Matric with Science 2017
BISE Multan

In her academic journey through Matric with Science at BISE Multan, Dr. Iqra distinguished herself with outstanding achievements. She secured an impressive score of 1066 out of 1100, attaining a remarkable 97%. This exceptional performance reflects not only her strong grasp of scientific principles but also her unwavering commitment to academic excellence. Dr. Iqra's high achievements during her Matric studies underscore her dedication to a solid foundation in the sciences, making her a knowledgeable and effective educator for students aiming for excellence in similar academic pursuits.

Work & Experience

O level and igcse 10 February 2023 - 5 January 2024
Online and home tutors

I've strong grips on past papers ,concepts clearing how to write the answers of questions ,how to manage your time and how to attemp paper My students get A grade in biology and chemistry with strong grips on concepts

MDCAT and FSc Tutor 2017-Onward
MDCAT - Boards

With a rich five-year experience in teaching MDCAT and FSc students, I have dedicated myself to guiding aspiring medical professionals through the intricacies of their academic journey. My focus lies in preparing students for MDCAT examinations and nurturing their understanding of FSc subjects. Through a dynamic and student-centered approach, I aim to foster a deep appreciation for the sciences, ensuring each student is well-equipped for success in their medical pursuits.


As an International MDCAT Tutor, I have had the privilege of guiding six to 10 students from Kuwait and 3 to 4 students from the UK through the rigorous preparation for their MDCAT examinations. Witnessing the success of my students as they successfully cleared their MDCAT is a testament to the effectiveness of my teaching approach. My commitment is not just to impart knowledge but to empower students globally to excel in their medical education pursuits.


MDCAT Skills
MBBS Skills
FSc Pre medical Skills
O level /igcse Biology,chemistry and physics


MDCAT Topper 2020
In the pursuit of excellence in the Medical and Dental College Admission Test (MDCAT), I am proud to have secured an outstanding score of 188 out of 200. This achievement not only reflects my comprehensive understanding of the subjects but also demonstrates my dedication to academic excellence. As an MDCAT topper, I am passionate about sharing my insights and knowledge to help others succeed in their medical aspirations.
MBBS Topper 2021
In the journey through the demanding curriculum of the Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS), I am delighted to have achieved the distinction of MBBS Topper. This accomplishment signifies not only a deep understanding of medical sciences but also a commitment to academic excellence. As an MBBS Topper, I am driven to inspire and support others on their medical education path, sharing the knowledge and strategies that led to my success in the field.