PKR25000 / month
July 31, 1991

About Candidate

I am electrical engineer,and running my academy from my residence.i am from federation housing society Islamabad.i have industry base experience,Few years before i am working on educational side job class 6th to onward . physics, mathematics are my major subject to teach.

Classes Taught

Can teach any subject from grade 6- fsc

Major subjects are physics mathematics

Subjects taught
  • Science, physics, mathematics computer

Tutoring rates
  1. I will teach From my own residence so i will charge 3500-4000 per subject for grade 9-10,and for fsc rates are 4000-5000 per subject.

Time Availability

For mathematics 2 hrs,for physics one hour


You can visit home and you can make trust, focus are main goal.

My A+ Achieving Strategy

Teaching methods

Improve student study skills.

tutor\'s specialty areas

Suitable Areas

Police foundation, federation housing society,bahria phase 1,2,3,gulberg, CBR town



I am graduate from hamdard,in electrical (electronic) engineer

Work & Experience

Home base Academy 1-01-2024 - -

I am working here for o level students

Momentous 4-04-2020 - 16-05-2021

I was working here a a science teacher,and for physics and mathematics subjects for pre ninth,9 class