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Experienced and dedicated educator with a passion for inspiring students to reach their full potential. Skilled in creating engaging lesson plans and fostering a positive learning environment. Committed to helping students develop a love for learning and achieve academic success.

Classes Taught

1 to 8 . 9th , 10th to science students and 11 , 12 to intermediate students

Subjects taught

I have taught english urdu bio chemistry physics to 9, 10th class and accounting economics commerce english urdu pak study to intermediate students

Tutoring rates

25 +

Time Availability

Available from 4 00 pm to 7 00 pm in evening


Review from previous student: I highly recommend Miss farwa as a tutor! Their evening availability was perfect for my schedule, and their teaching style made difficult concepts easy to understand. Thanks to their help, I saw a significant improvement in my grades.


I achieved 88% in matric with science and 82%in intermediate

My A+ Achieving Strategy

Stay positive: always believe in yourself and maintain a positive mindset, stay confident

Teaching methods

"My teaching method is all about making learning fun and engaging. I use a variety of techniques like interactive activities, group discussions, and multimedia resources to keep students actively involved in the learning process. I also provide regular feedback and support to help students understand and apply the concepts effectively. Together, we'll explore new ideas and foster a love for learning!

tutor\'s specialty areas

"My specialty areas as a tutor include mathematics, science, accounting and English language skills. I have a strong background in these subjects and enjoy helping students grasp challenging concepts. Whether it's algebra, biology, or improving language fluency, I'm here to support you and make learning enjoyable. Let's dive into these subjects together and achieve academic success!"

tutor\'s teaching philosophy.

My teaching philosophy is all about creating a positive and supportive learning environment. I believe that every student has unique strengths and learning styles, so I tailor my approach to meet their individual needs.I also emphasize critical thinking and problem-solving skills

Suitable Areas

F8 and near areas


Acca 1_4
Skans, islamabad

Work & Experience

Bright way Feb 2021 - August 2023
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