December 13, 2003

About Candidate

I am a Second year Bachelor In Dental Science student.As medical science student , I have a firm grip on biology subject and with best teaching capabilities I deliver potential information to my students. My preparations for mdcat and etea have also enhanced my knowledge about this subject.

Urdu is also my favourite subject to read and teach as well.

Summarized Profile

With the experience of five years of teaching and being subjected to different types of teaching environment, I assure you a better and safe learning journey and a potential environment to level up your grades.

Classes Taught

middle school students

10th grade students

fsc(pre medical) students

o levels and A level students (pre medical)


Subjects taught

All subjects to middle school students

biology ,urdu and islamiat to high school students

Writing classes to school students

Tutoring rates

8 k per subject for middle school students

20 to 30k for fsc and A level students

15k for O level per sub students per sub

Time Availability

5 to 8 pm during Mon to Frid

12am  to 4 pm on Saturday and Sunday


90% in matric

98%in fsc

85% in etea

passed 1st year bds exam with 80%age

are my achievements

My students have also scored 90% and much more in their subjects

My A+ Achieving Strategy

carefully listening the lecture,making precise but decent amount of notes, repeating the topic , memorizing the stuff and then most importantly..revision

are the best strategy to secure good greadest.

Teaching methods

 Delivering less boring yet intriguing lecture, helping the students with notes preparations, learning and emphasis on important topics are basis of my teaching method.

tutor\'s specialty areas

urdu essay writing, homeworks, assignment assistance,test preparations

biology subject lectures,test prep and homework

are included in my area of speciality.

tutor\'s teaching philosophy.

My code of teaching is much simpler i.e, helping the apprentice to achieve the best with my utmost sincerity


matric 2019
the educators

i scored 90%

FSC (pre medical) 2021

I scored 98% and passed the exam with distinction

etea 2022

I scored 85% in exam and got enrolled in public sector kpk medical and dental college on competitive merit.

Work & Experience

Taught biology and urdu to a pre medical student june,2022 - nov,2022

I home tutored the student for six months .She scored 90%in her final biology exam

taught an A level student jan ,2021 - sep,2021

biology was the major subject . Student passed the biology exam with distinction.

school teaching 2018 - 2022

In the course of there years ,i have home tutored many students of middle school and high school . I have also given biology classes to a student of etea/mdcat.