About Candidate

I have several years of tutoring experience, specializing in subjects such as mathematics, science, and computer and business. My qualifications include a Bachelor’s degree in Economics. My teaching style is tailored to each student’s needs, combining theoretical understanding with practical examples to ensure comprehensive learning and engagement. I am passionate about fostering a supportive learning environment that encourages curiosity and critical thinking.Kainat Yaqoob

Summarized Profile

Final semester BS Economics student with expertise in tutoring mathematics, computer science, and economics. Proficient in both Urdu and English. Passionate about guiding and mentoring children, creating a conducive learning environment to enhance their understanding and interest in these subjects.

Classes Taught
  • calss 1-8
  • Class 9-10
  • ICS
  • ICOM
  • BOM
  • Pre O level
Subjects taught
  1. English
  2. Urdu
  3. Mathematics
  4. Computer
  5. Economic
  6. Business
  7. Econometrics
  8. Softwares, stata and Eviews

Tutoring rates
  • 25k per month
Time Availability
  • Available 24/7 for any query
  • Tuition time settled according
  1. Exceptional tutor! Helped my child grasp complex mathematical concepts effortlessly. Patient, clear explanations, and a friendly teaching style. Highly recommended!
  2. Outstanding guidance in computer science! Explained coding intricacies with simplicity, making it enjoyable for my child. A dedicated and knowledgeable tutor.
  3. BS Economics student delivered insightful economic lessons. Engaging teaching style and strong command of the subject. Boosted my child's confidence in understanding economic principles.
  4. Fluent in both Urdu and English, this tutor provided a supportive learning environment. Helped my child excel in multiple subjects. A valuable asset to any student seeking academic success."
  • Successfully elevated students' academic performance through tailored tutoring in mathematics, computer science, and economics.
  •  Received commendations for creating an engaging and supportive learning atmosphere, contributing to students' confidence and understanding.
  •  Conducted impactful workshops and remained committed to staying current with evolving educational methodologies.
My A+ Achieving Strategy

Consistent dedication, personalized teaching methods, and fostering a positive learning environment are my A+ achieving strategy. By tailoring lessons to individual needs, providing clear explanations, and instilling a passion for the subject, I empower students to excel academically.

Teaching methods

My teaching methods involve tailoring lessons to each student's unique learning style, ensuring a personalized and effective approach. I emphasize clarity, use practical examples to reinforce theoretical concepts, and encourage active student participation. Fostering a positive and collaborative learning environment is central to my teaching philosophy, promoting engagement and critical thinking.

tutor\'s specialty areas

My specialty areas as a tutor include mathematics, computer science, and economics. I excel in guiding students through these subjects with a focus on personalized, effective teaching methods. Additionally, I am proficient in both Urdu and English, providing versatile support across various academic needs.

Suitable Areas
  • Islamabad
  • Rawalpindi
    • Best Tutors near Rabia Bungalows Road Rawalpindi
    • DHA phase 1-2-3-4-5
    • Askari 14
    • Adyla Road

Morgah, Officer Colony, Bahria Town Phase 1-8, DHA Phase 1-2-3-4-5 Isb, F6-F7-F8-F10-F11, E7-E8-E9-E10-E11, G6-G7-G8-G9-G10-G11-G13-G14-G15, H8-H9-H10-H11-H12-H13-H14, i8-i9-i10-i11-i12-i13-i14, Askari 1-14, Scheme 3, chaklala Garison, Naval Anchorage- Pakistan town - PWD- Media Town - Gulraiz, Saddar - Adiala- Tench Bhata, Chak Shahzad - Chatta Bakhtawar - Bahria Enclave


Bechlors in Economics 2020-2024
Fatima Jinnah women's university

Am doing BS in Economics last semester

ICS 2018-2020
Degree college for women's

Completed my ICS from degree collage Rawalpindi

Matriculation 2017-2018
Govt girls higher secondary school Morgah

Done my matric from GGHSC Morgah Rawalpindi


Experienced tutor