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KIRAN RIAZ Experienced female tutor near e16 Islamabad

Kiran Riaz: Experienced and Passionate Tutor in Islamabad – Looking for a dedicated and effective tutor to help your child excel in Math or other subjects?

I’m Kiran Riaz, a highly motivated and experienced tutor with a Master’s degree in Education. Based in E-16 Islamabad, I offer personalized tutoring for students in Class 1 to 10, specializing in Math.

Why Choose Me?

  • Extensive Experience: I have over 18 years of teaching experience, honed in both public schools and private institutions.
  • Subject Expertise: My Master’s in Education and specialization in Math allow me to provide in-depth knowledge and engaging learning experiences.
  • Personalized Approach: I tailor my lessons to each student’s individual needs and learning style, ensuring they grasp concepts effectively.
  • Strong Communication Skills: I communicate clearly with both students and parents, fostering a supportive learning environment.

Additional Benefits:

  • Proven Track Record: I’m passionate about seeing my students succeed and have a history of helping them improve their grades and confidence.
  • Time Management Skills: I’m well-organized and can efficiently manage time to ensure students receive the most from each session.
  • Flexible Scheduling: I offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate your family’s busy life.

Subjects I Can Help With:

  • Math (Specialization)
  • All other subjects from Class 1 to 10 (English, Science, Urdu, etc.)

Ready to Get Started?

Contact me today to discuss your child’s specific needs and how I can help them achieve their academic goals!

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Suitable Areas

Available Areas:

  • E-16 Islamabad
  • G-13, G-14, G-15, E-17, F-17 (Islamabad)