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Kokab Irfan Female experienced tutor in Rawalpindi-Islamabad

Kokab Irfan: Experienced and Passionate Tutor in Rawalpindi-Islamabad

Looking for a dedicated and skilled tutor to help your child excel in various subjects? Look no further than Ms. Kokab Irfan!

Ms. Kokab Irfan offers:

  • Extensive experience:
    • Over 3 years of combined experience as a teacher, home tutor, and online tutor.
    • Proven track record of success, with students achieving high marks and improved understanding.
  • Strong academic background:
    • Holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.
    • Adept at utilizing technology in her teaching methods.
  • Versatile subject knowledge:
    • Tutors students from PG-Nur-KG to Grade 8 in all subjects, including Computer, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Urdu, and Islamiyat.
    • Additionally offers Pre-O Level tutoring.
  • Personalized and engaging teaching approach:
    • Creates customized lesson plans to cater to individual student needs and learning styles.
    • Focuses on concept-based and curriculum-based teaching to ensure a strong foundation.
    • Emphasizes soft skills development to help students become well-rounded individuals.
  • Positive and supportive learning environment:
    • Fosters a love for learning through her patience, encouragement, and enthusiasm.
  • Competitive rates:
    • Charges 25,000 PKR per month for Grades 1-8 and offers flexible pricing upon inquiry.
  • Availability:
    • Conducts sessions after 2 PM in Rawalpindi and Islamabad areas, including Bahria Town, Chaklala Scheme, Gulraiz, and surrounding areas.

Ms. Irfan is passionate about education and committed to helping each student reach their full potential. Her diverse experience, combined with her personalized and engaging teaching style, makes her a valuable resource for students of all ages and abilities. Read what parents are saying about Ms. Irfan!

Contact Ms. Kokab Irfan today to discuss your child’s tutoring needs!


Call : +92 332 8200082

WhatsApp : +923328200082 

Email: educationistsall@gmail.com or info@educationist.org.pk

Contact Number
Classes Taught
  • Grade 1 - 8
  • Pre O level
  • PG-Nur-KG
  • Montessori
Subjects taught
  • All subjects of grade 1 - 8
  • Computer
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • SSt
  • URDU
  • Islamiyat
Tutoring rates
  • 25,000 fee for class 1-8
Time Availability
  • After 2pm


  1. "I am incredibly grateful for the exceptional tutoring provided by Kokab Irfan. Her dedication, expertise, and commitment to her students' success are truly remarkable. With her guidance, my child's academic performance has improved significantly, and they have developed a strong foundation in various subjects. Kokab's ability to create a nurturing and supportive learning environment sets her apart as an outstanding tutor. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking top-quality tutoring in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Educationist's recommendation of Kokab further reinforces her reputation as an experienced and highly skilled educator."
  2. "Kokab Irfan is an exemplary tutor whose passion for teaching shines through in every session. Her personalized approach to tutoring, coupled with her in-depth subject knowledge, has had a profound impact on my child's academic journey. I appreciate Educationist for connecting us with such a dedicated and experienced tutor. I wholeheartedly endorse Kokab to anyone in search of a reliable and effective tutor in Islamabad and Rawalpindi."
  3. "I cannot speak highly enough of Kokab Irfan's tutoring services. Her professionalism, patience, and ability to tailor lessons to meet each student's needs make her a standout educator. My child has shown remarkable improvement under her guidance, and I am truly impressed by Kokab's commitment to fostering a love for learning. I confidently recommend Kokab to all parents looking for exceptional tutoring in Bahria Town, Chaklala Scheme, Gulraiz, and surrounding areas. Educationist's recommendation of Kokab further underscores her expertise and effectiveness as a tutor."
  4. "Kokab Irfan is a true gem in the world of tutoring. Her dedication to her students' academic success, coupled with her comprehensive understanding of various subjects, makes her an invaluable asset to any student's educational journey. I am grateful to Educationist for connecting us with Kokab, whose expertise and professionalism have made a significant difference in my child's learning experience. I highly recommend Kokab to anyone seeking top-notch tutoring services in Rawalpindi and Islamabad."
  • 100% results
Suitable Areas
  • Islamabad-Rawalpindi
    • Bahria Phase 1 to 6
    • Chacklala Scheme 3
    • Chaklal Garrison
    • Gulraiz Phase 1-6 best female home tutors in Rawalpindi


Bachelors of Computer Science 2022
Capital University of Science and Technology

Depression Detection Framework Digital Library System Restaurant Management System

Work & Experience

Teacher Feb 2021 - March 2023
The Paragon International School
Home School Teacher Jan 2023 - Feb 2024
Parhai Likhai
Online Tutor 2022 - 2024
Parhai Likhai


English Speaking
Concept-based teaching
Curriculum based teaching
Teaching soft skills
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