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I am an advocate of external UK LLB law and teaching side by side. Your child will be under the experienced supervision because I have done Olevels and Alevels myself. Laiba Mujtaba

Summarized Profile

I have done Olevels in sciences with bio, Alevels in psychology Law urdu ( I also did sociology and politics but did not take their exam) . I have done bachelor from University of London llb law hon, UK . I have 6 years of teaching experience. I have also done 2 months internship as a content writer and web developer at study first, overseas consultants DHA and I have been a freelance content writer on fiver since 6 years.

Classes Taught
  • A level,
  • O level,
  • Class 9-10
Subjects taught
  • Sciences and
  • Humanities
Tutoring rates
  • 10,000 to 18,000 all subjects, high school students
  • 10,000 each o level subject
  • 20 to 25,000 each A level subject
Time Availability
  • 7pm to 12 am
  1. "Laiba Mujtaba's expertise in teaching both O and A levels is commendable. My daughter struggled with A level Law until she started taking classes with Laiba. Now, she's not only understanding the subject better but also excelling in it." - Saima Khan, Bahria Town

  2. "We are grateful to have found Laiba Mujtaba as a tutor for our son's O level subjects. Her interactive teaching methods, coupled with her extensive knowledge of the subjects, have significantly boosted his confidence and grades." - Ahmed Ali, DHA Lahore

  3. "Laiba's dedication to her students is truly remarkable. She goes above and beyond to ensure that her students understand the material thoroughly. Her flexible schedule and online classes have been a lifesaver for us." - Fatima Sheikh, Askari 1-14

  4. "I highly recommend Laiba Mujtaba as a tutor for A level Law. Her deep understanding of the subject and ability to simplify complex concepts have greatly benefited my son. He's now more confident in his studies, all thanks to her." - Asad Mahmood, Gulshan Ravi

  5. "Laiba's expertise in multiple subjects makes her a versatile and valuable tutor. My daughter has been taking classes with her for O level Biology and English, and we've seen a significant improvement in her understanding and grades." - Maria Khan, Lahore

  6. "Laiba Mujtaba's teaching philosophy of providing comprehensive study materials and conducting regular assessments has been instrumental in my daughter's academic success. Her structured approach has helped my daughter stay organized and motivated." - Aisha Malik, Awan Town

  7. "We've been extremely satisfied with Laiba's tutoring services for O level subjects. Her ability to simplify complex topics and provide personalized attention to each student is commendable. We highly recommend her to anyone seeking academic support." - Usman Ahmed, Samanabad

  8. "Laiba Mujtaba's expertise in teaching A level subjects is unmatched. Her in-depth knowledge and ability to explain concepts clearly have helped my son immensely. We're grateful for her dedication and commitment to her students' success." - Farhan Mahmood, Lahore

  9. "As a parent, I couldn't be happier with the progress my daughter has made under Laiba's guidance. Her patience, dedication, and passion for teaching shine through in every session. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of a reliable tutor." - Sarah Qureshi, DHA Lahore

  10. "Laiba's comprehensive approach to teaching not only focuses on covering the syllabus but also emphasizes critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Her classes have been a game-changer for my son, who now approaches his studies with confidence." - Bilal Khan, Ichra Lahore

  11. "Laiba Mujtaba's commitment to her students' success is truly commendable. She invests time in understanding each student's strengths and weaknesses and tailors her teaching approach accordingly. We're incredibly grateful for her support." - Rizwan Ahmed, Lahore

  12. "Laiba's expertise in subjects like Biology, Physics, and Law has made her an invaluable resource for students preparing for their O and A level exams. Her ability to simplify complex concepts and provide practical examples has been immensely helpful." - Amna Abbas, Lahore

  13. "Laiba's online tutoring sessions are both engaging and effective. She leverages technology to create interactive learning environments that keep students motivated and focused. My daughter looks forward to her classes with Laiba every week." - Naeem Khan, Lahore

  14. "I cannot recommend Laiba Mujtaba enough for her exceptional tutoring services. Her dedication, expertise, and personalized approach have made a significant difference in my daughter's academic performance. We're grateful to have found such a wonderful tutor." - Asma Nadeem, Lahore

Teaching methods
  • I use iPad and a pen from which I write on the whiteboard of the zoom class.
tutor\'s specialty areas
  • Biology,
  • Physics ,
  • Law ,
  • Pak studies ,
  • Geography,
  • Psychology,
  • English and
  • Islamiyat
tutor\'s teaching philosophy.

A student scores more share, notes, past papers and take oral and written tests.

Suitable Areas

Online and At my home tuition centre in Samnabas , gulfishan colony and Rustam park.


University of London, LLB law honours 2023
University College, Lahore
Alevels 2020
Olevel (sciences, bio) 2018

Work & Experience

Alevel law tutor 2020 - Ongoing
The concept online

Taught a class pf 25 students AS and A LEVEL LAW

Content writer 2019 - 2020
Study first overseas consultants DHA

Did content writing and web development for Baldi the companies website

Teacher 2019 - Ongoing
My home tuition centre

Thought Olevels, pre Olevels , pre ninth, ninth and A levels. Prep till 10


O level Tutor
A level tutor
Pre O level


Winner in speech competition 2015
1st position
Number 1 essay writer 2015
International hero, championship of essay writing
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