Ali Hussan Malik

Computer LAB Assistant

About Candidate

User Support: Assisting users with computer-related issues such as software installations, troubleshooting hardware problems, and guiding using various applications.
Lab Management: Ensuring that the computer lab is properly maintained and organized, including monitoring equipment to ensure it’s in working order, managing supplies, and keeping the lab environment clean and orderly.
Technical Assistance: Providing guidance and support to users on how to use computer software and hardware effectively, including basic training sessions if necessary.
Troubleshooting: Diagnosing and resolving technical issues that arise in the computer lab, whether they relate to software malfunctions, network connectivity problems, or hardware failures.
Equipment Maintenance: Performing routine maintenance tasks on computers and peripherals, such as updating software, cleaning equipment, and replacing components as needed.
Security Compliance: Ensuring that computer lab users adhere to security policies and procedures, including monitoring for unauthorized software installations or activities that could compromise the security of the lab’s network.
Documentation: Maintaining records of equipment inventory, user support requests, and any maintenance or repair work performed in the lab.
Assisting with Special Projects: Collaborating with instructors or other staff members on special projects or initiatives that require technical support or assistance within the lab.

Classes Taught

I have extensive experience teaching computer science across a broad spectrum of educational levels, from Grade 4 through A-Levels. In these classes, I instructed students on a range of topics including programming fundamentals, algorithmic thinking, computer architecture, software development, and possibly advanced concepts like data structures and algorithms, databases, and computer networking. Through my teaching, I have equipped students with essential digital literacy skills and provided them with the foundation necessary to pursue further studies or careers in the field of computer science. My expertise in delivering computer science education across diverse grade levels demonstrates my proficiency in adapting instructional approaches to meet the needs of students at different stages of their academic journey