About Candidate

I have been a dedicated and passionate teacher for the past five years, specializing in mathematics and science instruction at the matric and o level school level. During this time, I have successfully engaged and motivated students to achieve their academic goals while fostering a positive and inclusive environment.


I have developed and implemented innovative lesson plans, tailored to meet the unique needs and learning styles of each student. By incorporating various teaching strategies, technology integration, and hands-on activities, I have created dynamic and interactive learning experiences that promote both critical thinking and problem-solving skills. As a electrical engineer, i have good command on mathematics. I scored full in 9 board exam od mathematics . I scored 90 in matric and FSC as well .

I am proud of my ability to effectively communicate and collaborate with colleagues, parents, and students alike. By fostering open lines of communication, I have been able to establish strong partnerships and facilitate a supportive learning community.


Overall, my teaching experience has shaped me into a patient, adaptable, and empathetic educator. I am continually seeking opportunities for professional growth and development to enhance the learning experiences of my students and provide them with the tools they need for future success.


Classes Taught

I taught matric students online and on home .

Subjects taught

Mathematics, physics, english

Tutoring rates
  1. For online (30000 min ) math ,physics , english (10 k each)
  2. Home ( 35000 min) All subjects
Time Availability
  1. 5-8 PM working days
  2. 10-3 weekends
My A+ Achieving Strategy
Teaching methods
  1. I scored 85 percent in matric.