September 10, 2004

About Candidate

Summarized Profile

I have interned at international companies and in 2022 I secured a job at one of the company as a business analyst however I had to let go if it soon enough to focus on my A levels examination. I am keen towards teaching mature students in O/A levels however I have experience with younger students as well.

Classes Taught

Currently I am teach an international student in Germany in class 5. I have helped him develop his learning skills and polished his mathematical knowledge.

Subjects taught




Tutoring rates

J is am open to negotiation for anything after 12k for early classes and rest depends on the level of class.

Time Availability

I can easily give 2 hours max and even above if the student requires so.

My A+ Achieving Strategy

I communicate with my students in a casual way for them to engage in conversations and pick up concepts which helps them learn quick and preserve that knowledge forever.


O levels 2019-2021
The city school international- UAE

My o levels subjects: English - A ICT- A Maths- B Accounting- B Travel and Tourism- B Economic- B Business- B

Under grad student To present
Lahore school of economics

I am completing my defense im bsc major in Economics and minor in maths and data analytics

A levels 2021-2023
Beaconhouse school Defence campus

I completed my A levels in 3 subjects Business Economic English Language