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Miss Uswa Khalid

Miss Uswa Khalid’s dedication and hard work have culminated in a remarkable achievement – earning a Higher National Diploma with Distinction in Business Administration from the prestigious University of Hertfordshire. This accolade, officially recognized on September 12, 2023, bears the distinguished signature of the university’s vice-chancellor, Professor Quintin McKellar CBE. This formal certification stands as a testament to Uswa’s exceptional academic abilities and her commitment to excellence in the field of business administration. It marks a significant milestone in her journey, paving the way for a promising future filled with possibilities.

I’m thrilled to share the exciting news of Uswa Khalid’s academic achievement! She has been awarded the prestigious General Certificate of Education (GCE) in the June 2019 examination series, signifying her success at the Advanced Level. This accomplishment, issued by the esteemed University of Cambridge International Examinations, demonstrates Uswa’s dedication to academic excellence and her commitment to pursuing rigorous studies.

While the specific grades Uswa achieved haven’t been mentioned, her success at the Advanced Level reflects a remarkable ability to grasp complex concepts and excel in demanding subjects. This accomplishment opens doors to exciting possibilities, paving the way for higher education pursuits or rewarding career opportunities.

As parents, you must be incredibly proud of Uswa’s hard work and perseverance. This GCE is a testament to her strong intellect, unwavering focus, and genuine passion for learning. Remember, this achievement is just the beginning of a promising journey, and we can all be sure that Uswa will continue to excel in whatever path she chooses.

Congratulations to Uswa on this well-deserved recognition! We all wish her continued success in her future endeavors.

Summarized Profile

I am Uswa, an experienced tutor with a strong educational background and a passion for teaching. I completed my ACCA qualification from Oxford Brooks University in London, following my successful completion of A levels at Roots. With over three years of experience in providing home tutoring and coaching, I am well-equipped to assist students in a wide range of subjects. My specialties lie in mathematics, business, and accounts. Whether you need help with matric, O levels, ICom, BCom, ICS, pre-engineering, or various courses in computer science, maths, accounting, business, or economics, I am here to support your learning journey. If you reside in or near Bahria Town Phase 8, I am particularly interested in offering my tutoring services in your area.

Education and Expertise

ACCA Qualification from Oxford Brooks University, London

I successfully completed my ACCA qualification from the prestigious Oxford Brooks University in London. This comprehensive program provided me with a strong foundation in accounting, finance, and business, allowing me to offer expertise in these areas to my students.

A Levels from Roots

Prior to pursuing my ACCA qualification, I completed my A levels at Roots. This rigorous academic program enhanced my analytical and critical thinking skills, which are essential in teaching complex subjects such as mathematics, business, and accounts.

Tutoring Specialties

As a tutor, I have developed a particular expertise in the following subjects:


Mathematics is a subject that often poses challenges for students. With my solid understanding of mathematical concepts and my ability to break them down into simpler components, I can help students build a strong foundation and develop problem-solving skills. Whether it's algebra, geometry, calculus, or any other mathematical topic, I can provide clear explanations and effective strategies to improve understanding and performance.


Business studies encompass various areas, including management, marketing, finance, and entrepreneurship. With my background in ACCA and practical experience, I am well-versed in these aspects of business. I can guide students through the intricacies of business concepts, theories, and practices, enabling them to grasp the subject and excel in their coursework.


Accounting is a fundamental discipline that requires precision and attention to detail. Through my ACCA qualification and practical experience, I have developed a strong understanding of accounting principles, financial statements, and the application of accounting standards. I can help students navigate through complex accounting concepts and develop the necessary skills to analyze, interpret, and prepare financial information.

Other Subjects

In addition to mathematics, business, and accounts, I am capable of teaching a wide range of subjects. From computer science to economics, ICS to pre-engineering, I am well-versed in these areas and can provide comprehensive support to students seeking assistance.

Home Tuition in Bahria Town Phase 8

If you reside in Bahria Town Phase 8 or its nearby areas, I am eager to offer my tutoring services in the comfort of your home. Providing one-on-one instruction allows me to cater to the individual needs of my students, ensuring a personalized and effective learning experience. By teaching in a familiar environment, students can feel more comfortable and confident, fostering a conducive atmosphere for their academic growth.


If you are seeking a dedicated and experienced tutor for mathematics, business, accounts, or various other subjects, I am here to assist you. With my educational background, expertise, and passion for teaching, I can provide you with the necessary guidance and support to excel in your studies. Whether you require assistance with O levels, ICom, BCom, ICS, pre-engineering, or specific courses in computer science, maths, accounting, business, or economics, I am committed to helping you achieve your academic goals.

To avail of my tutoring services and embark on a rewarding learning journey, please reach out to me at your earliest convenience. Together, we can unlock your full potential and pave the way for success.

Classes Taught
  • O level tutors
  • A level tutors
  • Grade 1-8 tutors
Subjects taught
  • Sciences
  • Business
  • Mathematics 
Tutoring rates
  • 30,000 per class
  • Special discount for multiple subjetcs
  • Special discount for multiple group students
Time Availability
  • Available form 2pm onward
Suitable Areas
  • Bahria town Phase 8
  • Bahria town Phase 7


ACCA 2019

Uswa Khalid has achieved a provisional pass the FA1-Recording Financial Transactions exam of the ACCA computer based examinations. The exam was held at The Millennium Universal College on 29th November 2019. This is a provisional result that will be verified and confirmed on Uswa Khalid's exam status within her myACCA account.

A Level 2019

The exams were part of the June 2018 General Certificate of Education (GCE) Advanced Level examinations. The GCE Advanced Level is a qualification awarded to students who have completed two years of study at a sixth form or college. It is equivalent to the A levels offered in England and Wales. The certificate shows that Uswa Khalid passed the exam in both Business and urdu.

Sciences Passed 2017

Physics Chemistry Mathematics Computer


Distinction 2023
Remarkable achievement - earning a Higher National Diploma with Distinction in Business Administration from the prestigious University of Hertfordshire.