PKR15000 / month
July 23, 2003

About Candidate

I’m Mohibullah, a dedicated BS Mathematics student at NUML with a passion for teaching. With 3 years of experience, I specialize in making Mathematics and Physics not just understandable, but enjoyable for students of all levels. My teaching style focuses on demystifying complex concepts, fostering critical thinking, and building strong problem-solving skills. I believe in creating a supportive learning environment where students feel confident to explore and excel in these subjects. Join me, and together, we’ll unlock your full potential in Mathematics and Physics!

Summarized Profile

With 3 years of teaching experience and a passion for mathematics, I bring a unique perspective to tutoring. As a 4th-semester BS Mathematics student, my qualifications are not just academic but also practical, ensuring I can relate complex concepts to real-world applications. My teaching style is interactive, focusing on engaging students to think critically and problem solve independently

Classes Taught
  • Classes 5th to 12th
Subjects taught


  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
Tutoring rates

Time Availability

1:45 pm to 4:30 pm


Teaching methods

My teaching method for Mathematics focuses on understanding and application. I simplify complex concepts, use real-world examples, and encourage practice to reinforce learning. I create an engaging environment that fosters questions and collaboration, empowering students to excel in Mathematics and appreciate its relevance in everyday life.

tutor\'s specialty areas


tutor\'s teaching philosophy.
  1. My teaching philosophy centers on the belief that every student can excel with the right support. I prioritize understanding over memorization, encourage critical thinking, and adapt my approach to meet individual needs. I aim to foster a love for learning, particularly in Mathematics and Physics, by making these subjects relatable and accessible. I see myself as a mentor, guiding students to achieve their full potential.
Suitable Areas

I8 sector, I9 Sector, H8 Sector, H9 sector, G9 sector, G10 sector, Gulzar e Qaid, Gulberg Greens, Ghauri Town, Chaklala Scheme II, Scheme III,


BS-Mathematics 2022
National University of Modern Languages

Work & Experience

Mathematics and Physics Tutor 2022
Noor Tution Academy

As an experienced educator at Noor Tuition Academy, I specialize in teaching Mathematics and Physics to students in classes 8 through 12. With a passion for both subjects and a dedication to nurturing young minds, I strive to make complex concepts understandable and enjoyable for all students. My goal is to empower each student with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in their academic pursuits.