Math & Physics Educator for A-Level/O-Level.
March 1, 1998

About Candidate

With over five years of experience in tutoring Mathematics and Physics to O Level and A Level students, I have honed my skills in providing comprehensive and personalized education tailored to individual student needs. In both home and online settings, I excel in creating engaging and interactive learning environments that foster student understanding and confidence.

My expertise lies in crafting customized lesson plans that align with curriculum standards while also catering to the unique learning styles and pace of each student. Whether in-person or through virtual platforms, I employ a variety of teaching methods, including visual aids, interactive exercises, and real-life applications, to ensure optimal comprehension and retention of concepts.

As a dedicated educator, I prioritize building strong rapport with my students, establishing a supportive and encouraging atmosphere where they feel empowered to ask questions and explore challenging topics. Through continuous assessment and feedback, I track student progress and adjust my teaching approach accordingly to address areas of improvement and reinforce strengths.

Summarized Profile

Experienced Mathematics and Physics tutor specializing in O Level and A Level education. Skilled in creating engaging learning environments for both home and online tutoring. Dedicated to personalized instruction, fostering student understanding, and achieving academic success

Classes Taught

I had been teaching pre O,O/A level, matric and F.Sc students both mathematics and physics. I also had been teaching various science subjects to students from grade 6 to 8 from the last five years. I also had prepared some student for their supplementary exam. I also prepared some students for their entrance exams like NET, NTS and cadet college entrance exam.

Subjects taught

I had been teaching pre O,O/A level, matric and F.Sc students both mathematics and physics. I also had been teaching various science subjects like geography and social studies chemistry etc. to students from grade 6 to 8 from the last five years.

Tutoring rates

Experienced tutor offering flexible pricing based on student level and subjects. Monthly rates range from 15k to 20k PKR, varying with the number of subjects and complexity. Hourly rate of 1000 PKR applies per subject per hour across all levels. Available for both in-person and online sessions.

Time Availability

Available for both home tutoring and online sessions Monday to Friday, 9 am to 10 pm. Experienced in delivering personalized instruction in Mathematics, Physics, and other science subjects from Grades 6 to A Level. Passionate about empowering students to succeed academically.


Here are some of my achievements in brief.
Consistently High Student Performance: Achieved notable success in improving student grades and exam results, with many students achieving top scores in national and international examinations.

Innovative Teaching Methods: Introduced innovative teaching strategies and resources that resulted in enhanced student engagement, comprehension, and retention of complex concepts.

Recognition for Academic Excellence: Received recognition or awards for excellence in teaching or academic achievements, showcasing dedication and proficiency in the field of education.

Mentoring Success Stories: Mentored students to achieve academic milestones, such as gaining admission to prestigious universities or securing scholarships based on academic merit.

Publication or Research: Contributed to academic research or published work in the field of education, demonstrating a commitment to advancing knowledge and expertise in teaching methodologies.

Positive Feedback from Parents and Students: Received glowing testimonials and feedback from both students and parents, highlighting the effectiveness of teaching methods and the impact on student learning outcomes.

Participation in Educational Initiatives: Played a key role in educational initiatives, such as curriculum development, workshops, or extracurricular activities, contributing to the improvement of educational standards and student enrichment.

My A+ Achieving Strategy

Here are some of my A+ achieving strategies which I have applied to my previous student and they got A+ grades in their final exams.
Personalized Instruction: Tailoring your teaching approach to meet the individual needs and learning styles of each student. This could involve conducting assessments to identify strengths and weaknesses, and then customizing lesson plans accordingly.

Clear Learning Objectives: Setting clear, achievable learning objectives for each student and communicating them effectively. This helps students understand what is expected of them and provides a roadmap for their academic progress.

Regular Assessment and Feedback: Implementing regular assessments to gauge student understanding and progress. Providing constructive feedback allows students to identify areas for improvement and take corrective action.

Teaching methods

Interactive Learning: Incorporating interactive activities, discussions, and hands-on exercises to engage students and deepen their understanding of concepts.

Real-World Applications: Connecting theoretical concepts to real-life scenarios to illustrate their relevance and enhance comprehension.

Visual Aids and Multimedia: Utilizing visual aids, multimedia presentations, and educational technology to make abstract concepts more tangible and accessible.

tutor\'s specialty areas

Mathematics (All levels: Matric, FSc Pre-O, O Level, A Level)
Physics (All levels: Matric, FSc Pre-O, O Level, A Level)
Science subjects (Grades 1-8)
Customized lesson planning
Personalized instruction tailored to individual student needs
Exam preparation for national and international examinations
Online tutoring and virtual classroom management
Mentoring and academic guidance for student success

tutor\'s teaching philosophy.

My teaching philosophy centers around fostering a supportive and engaging learning environment where each student is empowered to reach their full potential. I believe in personalized instruction tailored to individual student needs, utilizing a variety of teaching methods to enhance comprehension and retention. Through interactive learning experiences, real-world applications, and continuous feedback, I aim to cultivate critical thinking skills, inspire curiosity, and instill a lifelong love for learning in my students.

Suitable Areas

DHA phase 1-5 Islamabad.
Bahria Town Phase 1-9 Rawalpindi

Work & Experience

The Nest Academy Bahria Town Phase 8, Rawalpindi