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Nafeesa Hayat Mphil Female home-online tutor near G6 Islamabad

I am a passionate and experienced tutor with a strong background in science, particularly biology. I have a Master’s degree in Plant Sciences (MPhil) and I’m skilled at making science fun and engaging for students of all ages. I can tailor my teaching methods to individual learning styles and ensure a positive and productive learning experience.


  • MPhil in Plant Sciences (Quaid-I-Azam University, Islamabad)
  • BS in Botany (Hazara University Mansehra)
  • Distinction in BS (Botany) program
  • 6+ years of experience teaching science subjects

Subjects Taught

  • O Level Science Group
  • Pre-9th to 10th Grade Science Group
  • Class 1-8 Science
  • A Level Chemistry and Biology


  • Online tutoring
  • Home tutoring in Islamabad (Areas: G6, G7)
  • Available 6 days a week, 10am to 9pm

Why Choose Me?

  • Expertise in making science fun and easy to understand
  • Proven ability to adapt teaching methods to individual needs
  • Encourages a positive and productive learning environment
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills

Contact :

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Additional Information

  • Experienced science teacher at Muslim Education School and College (Abbottabad)
  • Distinction graduate in BS (Botany) program
  • Voice Chancellor Fellowship recipient for academic excellence
Summarized Profile

Nafeesa hayat, the most excellent tutor in Islamabad. Since 2020, I've taught numerous students and learned about research projects and education system, including syllabi, activities, timetables, slides presentantion, course updates, events, learning, projects, and assessments.
MY responsibilities TO MY STUDENTS:
As a tutor, my first and primary responsibility is to maintain proper focus and attention to my students.
I teach the course, ensure comprehension, assign assignments, field work tasks and manage a check-and-balance mechanism.
I allow them room while also keeping an eye on whether or not they are engaged on their academics.
I assist them in overcoming their issues by proposing solutions to their challenges. I give them practical task to understand the concept of specific topic.
I help students gain confidence and encourage them to ask questions without reluctance. I teach them both intellectually and ethically to develop into gentle individuals from the inside out. I deliver career advising to students based on their aptitudes in specific fields or subjects.

Classes Taught

I am capable of teaching from Montessori, grade 1 to 10, 0-Level and A-level, including English, Urdu, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Pakstudy and Islamiat. For FSC students, I can teach Biology and Chemistry. I have experience of Research writing, so I can taught students in field of Research. I also have experience of Practical field work in research

Subjects taught

I can teach a variety of courses including English, Urdu, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Pak study and Islamiat. For FSC students, I can teach Biology and Chemistry. I have experience of Practical field work in research project. so I can guide students in field of Research and guided them in research article writing.
I taught these courses to my students during the Corona period, when schools were closed.In that terrifying catastrophe that grabbed the entire globe, the educational system was in disorder.As a result of their lack of school education, I taught these courses through online platform.  I make different PPT for delivering lectures.With Allah's favour, the students achieved great results.

Tutoring rates
  • Depend upon the subjects and course.
Time Availability
  • I will manage time according to the student requirements (24/7 available)
My A+ Achieving Strategy

My A+ Achievement Strategy
My A+ achieving approach changes from student to student because I believe that everyone is unique, brilliant, and attractive in their own way. So, the primary method I use is:
1: Observe the student's learning behavior, interests, disinterests,. 2: Take note of his mind's intelligence. 3: Give him a task to complete. 4: Make a positive and supportive learning environment where students feel comfortable in asking questions and participating actively. 5: After determining the type of student he is and how much effort will be required to polish him up, I begin my strategy to increase his qualities.

Teaching methods

I used multimedia tools, online platforms, and real-world applications to make learning more effective.
I simplify complicated concepts to ensure student comprehension and establish a solid basis for learning.
Prepares students for exams with sample tests, revision sessions, and extensive study materials.

tutor\'s specialty areas

O/A Level Biology, FSC Science (Biology, Chemistry), Matric science, Research article writing

  • Research Publication:
    • Pakistan Science Bulletin
  • Brief Statement of Research Interest:
    • In Ecology section more specifically in  phytosociology, plant ecology and phytoremediation
    • Abstract Publication:
      • 2nd International Conference on Resent Approaches in Plant Sciences
tutor\'s teaching philosophy.

I understand that not all students learn the same way or at the same rate. I feel it is my obligation as a teacher to effectively assess students' interests, abilities, and past knowledge. I must then design learning experiences that will both challenge and enable each learner to think and grow. I use my knowledge of the subject to introduce students to critical thinking techniques, encouraging them to analyze, apply, synthesize, and evaluate all they read and hear. I enjoy the subjects I teach, and I know how to bring them to life for my students. I eagerly and willingly learn from my students as they learn with me. I eagerly and willingly learn from my students as they learn with me.

Suitable Areas
  • Online Classes
  • Pakistan
    • Islamabad
    • Rawalpindi
  • International


Mphil 2023
Quaid i azam University Islamabad

i have completed my Mphil in plant sciences from Ecology and Cionservation lab.  MS Botany (M. Phil) (Session 2021-2023) Institute; Department of plant sciences, Quaid-I-Azam University, Islamabad Specialization (Major); Plant ecology and Conservation Research project; “Vegetation Assessments of Rawat Industrial Estate, Rawalpindi, Pakistan”

Bs Botany 2020
Hazara University Islamabad

I have done my graduation from Hazar University and and Distinction in over all District Mansehra. BS (Botany) Session: 2016- 2020 Institute: Hazara University Mansehra. Specialization: Botany Research project: I have voluntarily worked on a “Floristic Diversity and Vegetation Structure of Union Council Peeran, District Mansehra Kpk”

B.ed (1.5) 2023
Allam Iqbal open University Islamabad

I have recently completed B.ED. This degree is related to teaching methodologies. i have learned about educational skills during this academic program.

Fsc pre-medical 2017
Al Quran Beacon School and College Sand e sar Mansehra

Institute: Al Quran Beacon School and College, Sand-e-sar, Mansehra

Matric (Science) 2014
Al Quran Beacon School and College Sand e sar Mansehra

HSSC (Science) BISE Swat Session ( 2013-2014) Institute: Al Quran Beacon School and College, Sand-e-sar, Mansehra

Work & Experience

SST biology teacher March 2020 - March 2021
Muslim education system School and College

i have been served as science/biology  teacher for 1 year in school and have taught a students (from class 8th to FSC). This time improved my skills as a teacher, allowing me to successfully manage student assigned assignments. I performed different practical works to develop concepts. I have  been also served as a tutor for 1 year. I taught a variety of courses, ranging from Montessori to grade 10(all subjects) and FSC (Biology). This time improved my skills as a teacher, allowing me to successfully manage student assigned assignments. My children consistently achieve high scores, and their parents and school administration appreciate my dedication to their education (Alhamdulillah).



1 Year experience of Teaching in Muslim Education School and College
1 year Research and Development Manager


Gold medalist 2020
I am gold medalist in Graduation from Hazara University. I got merit certificates in graduation from Post graduate College Mansera
Research writing skills 2020
Excellent command on all the working tools and digital software’s. I attend 3 days National Conference and workshop on ''Augmenting Research Writing Skills, Tools and Technologies Transforming Life Sciences''