About Candidate

My name is Nehala naz .I did my BS in Botany. I have an home tutoring exercise of 8 years. I want to pursue my service throughout by online tutoring.

Summarized Profile

I did my bachelor's in Botany . I can easily teach to science student. There are not any thing that I can't understand and deliver to my student. I have a confident and easily convey my messages.

Classes Taught

1 to grade 10.

A level science subjects.

Subjects taught

All science subjects till A level . And UpTo grade 10 all subjects including arts , computer and sciences.

Tutoring rates

My all student achieved great grade. Their performance improve. And their parents are satisfied to me.

Time Availability

home tutor.and online both


The feedback of my students and their parents are satisfied. They said thanks to me Allahamdullila.

Teaching methods

I do concentrate on each and every subjects on each topics. I thought to great the environment with a students friendly, Soo they can easily share any hardly and barrier they have to face with me .Soo prepared my Lecture according to it. I used my local language so they can easily understand me.

tutor\'s specialty areas

Bilal town Khana Dak islamabad

Ghouri town

Qulzare quid Rawalpindi

Committee Chowk

Satellite town

Sohan Islamabad

Koral Islamabad

Gulberg green Islamabad


tutor\'s teaching philosophy.

First of all I prepared my self for delivering my Lecture. I take test on daily , weekly and monthly . After covered of any one chapter I take grand test. I do concentration on revision.

Suitable Areas

Bilal town Khana Dak islamabad

Ghouri town Islamabad

Koral Islamabad

Gulberg green Islamabad

Committee Chowk Rawalpindi

Qulzare quid Rawalpindi


Serve in a as a UNICEF member. 4-10-2021
UNICEF/ people

As to spread knowledge about health in community, by member of UNICEF.

Work & Experience

Home tutoring 8-10-2017 - 22-11-2023
Home service

As a home tutor. To educate the student of society by on door.


Basic computer knowledge


My students got good grade every year this is one of award for me. Till UpTo date.
I am satisfying by my job .I do more concentration on it to bring more improvement.