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December 15, 1999

About Candidate

Momina is an accomplished educator who has completed her intermediate education and is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Account and Finance (7th semester). With a passion for education, she has dedicated herself to providing valuable teaching services. Currently, Momina specializes in tutoring students from Montessori to 8th grade, covering a wide range of subjects. Her dedication and hard work have consistently yielded excellent results, and she takes immense pride in her role as an experienced teacher. With over 7 years of tutoring experience, Momina has honed her skills and developed a strong foundation in teaching various subjects, including math, computer science, economics, business studies, and science. Momina’s track record of success is remarkable, with many of her students achieving outstanding results under her guidance. She is committed to helping her students enhance their grades and achieve their academic goals. Her passion for teaching sets her apart, and she is particularly adept at teaching math, science, and other subjects to junior-level students. Additionally, Momina extends her expertise to tutoring FSC, IGCSE, and O/A level students. Her teaching services are not limited to the classroom, as she offers home tutoring services in Islamabad, making learning more accessible and convenient for students in those areas. If you’re seeking a dedicated and experienced tutor who can provide guidance and support in subjects ranging from Montessori to 8th grade, Momina is a reliable choice. Her impressive track record and passion for education make her a valuable resource for students aiming to excel in their studies.

Classes Taught

Montessori to class 8

Primary classes

Subjects taught


Tutoring rates

May vary

Time Availability

Mon to Friday


Teach us like a friend

Teaching methods

Self building

tutor\'s specialty areas

Focus on school work and homework

Test preparation is must



tutor\'s teaching philosophy.

Firstly I briefly explained what they start to learn then starting learning by heart


Suitable Areas

G-7,g-6 g-8

F6 f7 f8

Work & Experience

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