Owais Ahmad

Mathematics and Computer Science expert
March 20, 2001

About Candidate

With a background in computer science and artificial intelligence, my journey as a tutor has been both fulfilling and enriching. Over the past 6 to 10 years, I have honed my skills in teaching mathematics, computer science, and English, imparting knowledge to my 5 siblings, relatives, and neighbors with great success.

My teaching philosophy revolves around making learning accessible and enjoyable. I strive to break down complex concepts into manageable chunks, ensuring that each student understands the material thoroughly. Whether it’s solving equations, mastering coding languages, or refining language skills, I tailor my approach to meet the unique needs of each learner.

Summarized Profile

Experienced Tutor in Mathematics, Computer, and English

With 6 to 10 years of teaching expertise, I specialize in mathematics, computer science, and English. I've successfully educated my 5 siblings, along with other relatives and neighbors, in these subjects. My teaching approach is engaging, effective, and tailored to each student's needs. Let's embark on a learning journey together!

Classes Taught
  • From nursery to class 8th
Subjects taught
  • Mathematics
  • Computer
  • English
  • Grammar
  • history
  • geology
  • islamaiat
Tutoring rates
  • Per subject 30k
  • if more than one subject there will be negotiation
Time Availability

after 5pm


My teaching method is loved by many students and i am already teaching in F-10, and getting requests from other as well.

My A+ Achieving Strategy

I primarily focus on clearing the important concepts in specific problems or question, if a student has a clear concept then it will be much easier to score an A+.

Teaching methods
  • Focus on Concepts
tutor\'s specialty areas
  • Mathematics
  • Computer Science
  • Programming
  • English
tutor\'s teaching philosophy.

**Teaching Philosophy:**

My teaching philosophy revolves around building a strong foundation of understanding. I believe that before diving into exercises or textbooks, it is crucial to ensure that students grasp the underlying concepts. I strive to make complex ideas understandable by breaking them down into simpler, digestible parts.

Once a student has a solid grasp of the concepts, I gradually introduce practical problems. This approach not only reinforces their understanding but also helps them see the real-world application of what they have learned. By focusing on concepts first and then moving to practical problems, I aim to instill a deep and lasting understanding that goes beyond rote memorization.

Suitable Areas
  • F-10
  • F-11
  • G-9
  • G-10
  • G-11

Work & Experience

React programming 1/1/2023 - 30/3/2023

I worked for three months as programmer in meteoroite Lahore, a software company

Mathematics 1/2/2024 - NA

Teaching Mathematics as a Home Tutor in Islamabad F-10