About Candidate

Experienced in the field of computer science education for six years, I specialize in online tutoring services. My expertise lies in delivering comprehensive instruction tailored to individual student needs. Through interactive online platforms, I guide students in grasping computer science concepts, mastering programming languages, and excelling in related coursework. I am adept at facilitating exam preparation and monitoring student progress to ensure their academic success. With a commitment to providing high-quality education, I utilize various online tools and communication channels to create engaging and effective learning experiences for my students.
With a track record of achieving 100% results over the past four years, I have consistently guided students pursuing degrees in ICS (Intermediate in Computer Science), BSc (Bachelor of Science), and BCom (Bachelor of Commerce) with a specialization in Information Technology. My comprehensive teaching approach encompasses thorough coverage of the syllabus, personalized assistance in understanding complex concepts, and rigorous exam preparation strategies. By fostering a supportive learning environment and employing innovative teaching methodologies, I ensure that all students under my guidance achieve academic excellence and excel in their respective fields of study.

Classes Taught

9th, 10th


Subjects taught

Computer Science (Federal and Punjab board)

Time Availability

After 3pm onward


My teaching methods and interpersonal skills have consistently garnered high satisfaction from all my students. By fostering a positive and supportive learning environment, I ensure that each student feels valued and motivated to excel. I tailor my teaching approach to accommodate diverse learning styles and abilities, making the learning process engaging and effective for everyone. Through clear communication, patience, and empathy, I establish a strong rapport with my students, earning their trust and confidence in my guidance. Their happiness and success serve as a testament to the effectiveness of my teaching methods and dedication to their academic growth.

Suitable Areas
  • Online tutoring
  • Islamabad- Rawalpindi


MS in project management 2021-2022
Riphah international university
BS in computer science 2008-2012
Allama iqbal open university

Work & Experience

Lecturer 08-2018 - 08-2022
Concordia college DHA campus

• Teach computer science subject on inter level also bachelor level • Used PowerPoint and Google Classroom technology to give presentations to student classrooms. • Collaborated with faculty and staff to create meaningful E-learning experiences. • Give E-learning Trainings to staff during COVID session


Online Tutor For Class 9-10 Computer Science
Online Tutor For Class 11-12 Computer Science


ICS 100% RESULT 2020-2021-2022