Sk hayat Khan

Chemistry lecturer

About Candidate

Classes Taught

Physics biology chemistry maths of 9 and 10 th class
Chemistry of FSc

Subjects taught

Physics biology chemistry

Tutoring rates

20000/subject for per month

Time Availability

It will be flexible... totally depends on after coordination meeting with student


I am MPhil chemistry from Qauid e Azam University... Recently am writing articles to publish my work in international journals...soon I will be go abroad for PhD programs.

My A+ Achieving Strategy

By orally and written type assessments , students can get A+ grades....

Teaching methods

Firstly teach students with great interests... clear each and everything related to topic so that they can able to every type of question regarding to that type...if we add ICT aid then it will be more productive.

tutor\'s specialty areas

Chemistry, physics

tutor\'s teaching philosophy.

Students should have been attentive during class....and it's well Said that only teacher's lecture makes a attentive class but some how students behavior is also matter.

Work & Experience

Army public school and college 04 may 2023