Sir Shafqat Physics/Math Specialist

Experienced Science Subjects Tutor
October 31, 1997

About Candidate

Meet Sir Shafqat, a distinguished science educator renowned for his unparalleled efficiency and expertise in the realm of teaching. With a robust tenure spanning seven years, Sir Shafqat has established himself as a beacon of excellence in the educational landscape of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

His teaching methodology is finely tuned, embodying a perfect blend of innovation and tradition. Sir Shafqat places a strong emphasis on concept building, understanding that a solid foundation is paramount for academic success. Through meticulously crafted lesson plans, hands-on experiments, and engaging demonstrations, he instills a deep understanding of scientific principles in his students.

Sir Shafqat brings a wealth of experience to the teaching of sciences, particularly in the domains of physics and mathematics. He has adeptly navigated various curricula, including O/A levels, IGCSE, Matriculation, FSC. His mastery over the intricacies of these syllabi ensures that students not only excel academically but also develop a deep appreciation for the fundamental principles of science.

One of Sir Shafqat’s greatest strengths lies in his ability to tailor his teaching approach to cater to the diverse learning styles and needs of his students. Whether through dynamic classroom discussions, multimedia presentations, or interactive group activities, he ensures that every student grasps the intricacies of the subject matter. The results speak volumes for Sir Shafqat’s dedication and proficiency. Year after year, his students consistently achieve excellent academic outcomes, not only excelling in examinations but also developing a genuine passion for the sciences.


Summarized Profile

Sir Shafqat is a highly accomplished and respected science educator with seven years of experience in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Renowned for his expertise in teaching physics and mathematics, he specializes in guiding students to achieve top grades, including A*s, in various curricula such as O/A levels, IGCSE, Matriculation and FSC. With a student-centered approach, personalized attention, and a commitment to concept building, he fosters a deep understanding of subjects and cultivates critical thinking skills essential for academic excellence.

Classes Taught
  • IGCSE 
  • O level
  • A level 
  • Matric
  • F.Sc
  • ICS
Subjects taught
  • Physics
  • Mathematics
  • Computer Science
  • Chemistry
Tutoring rates

30,000 PKR - 50,000 PKR  depends on subject(s) and required time.

Time Availability

Tutoring sessions are available from 6pm to 9pm.


Testimonials for Sir Shafqat consistently praise his unparalleled dedication, transformative teaching methods, and remarkable ability to inspire academic excellence. Parents and students alike commend his personalized approach, citing significant improvements in understanding and grades. Many attest to his unwavering support and encouragement, acknowledging him as a catalyst for their academic success and future aspirations.


Sir Shafqat's achievements are a testament to his dedication and expertise in the field of education. With a track record of consistently guiding students to secure top grades, particularly A*s, in challenging subjects like physics and mathematics, he has earned recognition as a distinguished educator. His innovative teaching methodologies, personalized approach, and unwavering commitment to student success have garnered him praise from students, parents, and educational institutions alike.

My A+ Achieving Strategy

Sir Shafqat A+ scoring strategy is built on a foundation of thorough preparation, strategic study techniques, and targeted practice. He customizes his approach to each student's strengths and weaknesses, focusing on reinforcing fundamental concepts while providing ample opportunities for application and problem-solving. Through a combination of rigorous coursework, personalized feedback, and regular assessments, Sir Shafqat ensures that students not only achieve top grades but also develop a deep understanding and mastery of the subject matter.

Teaching methods

A teaching methodology emphasizing personalized attention and interactive learning, alongside the inclusion of basic concept building, good practice of study material, and sessions of periodic test series, is employed by Sir Shafqat. This ensures the comprehensive addressing of individual student needs and fosters a deep understanding of subjects while nurturing critical thinking skills. Through the cultivation of a collaborative environment and the utilization of diverse instructional strategies, parents can be assured that excellence and a student-centered approach are upheld by Sir Shafqat, yielding not only academic success but also a strong foundation for lifelong learning and achievement.

tutor\'s specialty areas

Sir Shafqat's specialized area extends to achieving exceptional results, particularly in science subjects, where he has consistently guided students to secure A* grades. His nuanced understanding of the intricacies within physics, mathematics, and other scientific disciplines allows him to impart knowledge effectively, leading to remarkable academic outcomes. His expertise lies not only in delivering curriculum content but also in instilling critical thinking and problem-solving skills essential for excelling in scientific fields. Through his dedication to concept building and personalized instruction, he empowers students to not only comprehend challenging material but also excel beyond expectations, consistently producing top-tier academic achievements.

tutor\'s teaching philosophy.

Sir Shafqat's teaching philosophy revolves around nurturing a holistic understanding of subjects through personalized attention and interactive learning. He believes in cultivating a supportive environment where students are encouraged to explore concepts independently, fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills. By emphasizing conceptual clarity and real-world applications, Sir Shafqat aims to empower students with the tools they need for lifelong learning and success.

Suitable Areas

For online sessions, available for:

  • All areas of Pakistan.


For Physical sessions, currently available at:

  • Lalazar
  • Lalkurti
  • Dhairy Hassanabad
  • Harley Street
  • Range Road
  • Tulsa Road
  • Askari XIII
  • Behria Town
  • DHA 


BS (Hons.)


Presentational Skill
Communicational Skill
Analytical and Problem Solving Skills
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