October 29, 1999

About Candidate

MISS SHAFAQ SHAHMEEN: A Dedicated Educator with a Passion for Nurturing Young Minds

MISS SHAFAQ SHAHMEEN is a highly experienced and qualified educator with a MS degree in MARKETING,AND BS IN BOTANY ,ZOOLOGY AND CHEMISTRY , and SIX years of teaching experience. She is a versatile and adaptable teacher who can work with students of all ages and cognitive levels. Her strengths include:

Expertise in ENGLISH Urdu and Islamiyat SOCIAL STUDY ,BIOLOGY CHEMISTRY ,ZOOLOGY up to Metric and O level standards
Proven ability to develop reading skills using phonic rules
Commitment to catering to each child’s interests and fostering concentration, enthusiasm, intellectual growth, and emotional development
Experience in project-based learning programs and innovative teaching methods
Ability to tailor personalized curricula to cater to students’ varying perception levels
Excellent communication skills with parents
Contact Information:
To inquire about MISS SHAFAQ SHAHMEEN services, please contact her directly via phone or email. She is always happy to discuss how she can support your child’s learning journey.

Summarized Profile

Experienced and Qualified: MS-CERTIFERED with 6 years of classroom experience, MISS SHAFAQ possesses a deep understanding of child development and various learning styles.
Passionate and Patient: MISS SHAFAQ is driven by a love for learning and a genuine desire to see her students succeed. She creates a supportive and encouraging environment where children feel comfortable asking questions and taking risks.
Adaptable and Resourceful: MISS SHAFAQ tailors her approach to each student’s individual needs and learning styles. She utilizes creative strategies and engaging activities to make learning fun and effective.
Strong Communication Skills: MISS SHAFAQ excels at explaining complex concepts in a clear and concise manner. She actively listens to students’ concerns and builds strong relationships with both children and parents.
Proven Track Record: MISS SHAFAQ has a history of helping students improve their grades, develop critical thinking skills, and gain confidence in their academic abilities.+

Classes Taught

Class 1-8
matric (biology and chemistry)
and as well all business subject (accounting ,ecnomic,business admintration )

Subjects taught

english,urdu,social study ,islamic study ,biology chemistry, accounting ,ecnomic all business subject subject

Tutoring rates

Based on Based on the level, time, and number of subjects

Time Availability

after 5pm


"Miss shafaq shahmeen is a dedicated teacher who has significantly contributed to our child's academic growth. Her approach to teaching is not only comprehensive but also engaging. Our child's interest in subjects like english,urdu,social study ,islamic study ,biology chemistry, accounting ,ecnomic all business subject
has notably increased under her guidance."


100% results
Narmeen iftikhar, A Grade in biology
Narmeen iftikhar,, A Grade in chemistry
It's been more than 5 years m producing results

My A+ Achieving Strategy

Earning A+ in MATRIC AND FSC Biology and Chemistry isn't just about cramming facts, it's about understanding, applying, and excelling! Here are some key tips to guide you toward those top grades:

Master the Syllabus and Exam Format:

Thoroughly understand the syllabus: Familiarize yourself with the topics covered in each section, the depth of knowledge required, and the types of questions asked.
Analyze past papers: Practice with past papers and mark schemes to understand the exam format, question styles, and common areas of focus.
Develop a Deep Understanding of Concepts:

Go beyond memorization: Focus on comprehending the underlying principles and mechanisms in both Biology and Chemistry.
Connect the dots: Link concepts across different topics and visualize processes to solidify your understanding.
Utilize visual aids: Diagrams, charts, and animations can effectively convey complex ideas and relationships.
Sharpen Your Analytical and Problem-Solving Skills:

Practice data analysis: Learn to interpret graphs, tables, and experimental results to draw conclusions and solve problems.
Formulate hypotheses and predictions: Test your understanding by predicting outcomes based on scientific principles.
Engage in critical thinking: Challenge assumptions, ask questions, and explore different perspectives.
Effective Study Strategies:

Create a personalized study plan: Allocate dedicated time for both subjects, ensuring balanced and consistent revision.
Vary your study methods: Combine passive learning (reading notes) with active learning (practice questions, explaining concepts to others).
Form study groups: Discuss challenging topics with peers and test each other's understanding.
Seek additional resources: Utilize textbooks, online tutorials, and educational YouTube channels for further clarification.
Maximize Your Exam Performance:

Time management: Practice answering questions within the allocated time during mock exams.
Prioritize effectively: Focus on questions worth more marks and those you're confident in first.
Write concise and clear answers: Clearly communicate your knowledge and understanding, emphasizing key points.
Practice revision techniques: Employ memory aids like mnemonics and flashcards to recall key information effectively.

Stay consistent and motivated: Continuous effort and a positive attitude are key to success.
Maintain a healthy work-life balance: Take breaks, get enough sleep, and manage stress to optimize your learning potential.
Seek guidance from Miss SHAFAQ SHAHMEEN: Utilize her expertise, ask questions, and clarify doubts to maximize your learning benefit.
By following these tips, working hard, and believing in yourself, you can ace your O/A Level MATRIC AND FSC Biology and Chemistry exams and achieve those coveted A+ grades!

Teaching methods

Methodically provides resources for lessons, simplifies lessons in line with curriculum objectives, and assesses students' progress throughout the term. Experienced in preparing students for extracurricular and co-curricular activities.

tutor\'s teaching philosophy.

A friendly and hardworking teacher who produces the best results every year. As a trained teacher with over 6 years of experience, I have knowledge of different teaching styles for maximum learner engagement.

Suitable Areas

english,urdu,social study ,islamic study ,biology chemistry, accounting ,ecnomic all business subject subject


MBA -MARKETING 2021-2024

Work & Experience

lecturer 2020 - till date
mirpur public school
visiting teacher 2019 - till date
the savvy school
home tutor 2018 - till now
kashmir home tusion academy


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Result Orienteed Tutor
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