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I am Qasim Ali Mughal, an educator specializing in Computer Science for O/A level students. With a Master’s degree in Software Engineering and a dedication to continuous learning, I have augmented my expertise with certifications in Python Data Structures from the University of Michigan, California (via Coursera), as well as in MongoDB, Express, and Node from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Over the past six years, my teaching tenure has been marked by consistently achieving exceptional results.

I am passionate about fostering a deep understanding of Computer Science concepts and empowering students to excel in this dynamic field. Sir Qasim Ali Mughal

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” – Malcolm X

Summarized Profile

Sir Qasim: Your Trusted Guide to O/A Level Computer Science Success

Qasim Ali Mughal is a highly sought-after O/A Level Computer Science tutor with a proven track record of helping students achieve outstanding results.


  • Multiple A and A grades:* Parents of Muhammad Qasim, Wahib Amin Khan, Zeenam Zubair, and Muhammad Ali Maqsood all praise Sir Qasim's effectiveness and commitment to student success.
  • Engaging and personalized teaching: Students appreciate Sir Qasim's ability to simplify complex concepts and create a fun learning environment.
  • Expertise and experience: Sir Qasim holds a Master's in Software Engineering, coupled with extensive teaching experience at reputable institutions.


  • Lecturer in Computer Science at The Science School, Silver Oaks Schools, Ali Trust College, and Nicon Group of Colleges.
  • IT & Programming Instructor for O/A Level, Matric, and FSc students (online and onsite).


    • Developed various real-world projects, including Android apps and websites.
    • Skilled in various programming languages and technologies.
    • Available for home-online tutoring in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

    Choose Sir Qasim and empower your child to excel in O/A Level Computer Science!

Classes Taught

Classes Taught:

    • O Levels Computer Science
    • IGCSE Computer Science
    • HSC Pre-Engineering
    • SSC Science
    • BSc / MSc Level Students (Android App Development, Python Programming, Java Programming, Information Technology)
Subjects taught
  • Computer Science O Levels ( 2210 / 0478 )
  • Computer Science A Levels ( 9618)
  • Programming ( Java, Python, C++ etc)
  • Databases ( SQL )
Tutoring rates

30000+ Tutoring Rates: Available upon inquiry

Time Availability


  • Online Tuitions (using digital writing pad)
  • Onsite Tuitions
  1. Testimonial 1:
    • Sir Qasim is described as an exceptional tutor.
    • Students attribute their success in O/A Level Computer Science to his in-depth knowledge and dedication.
    • The tutor's clear explanations and enjoyable teaching style are highlighted.
  2. Testimonial 2:
    • Sir Qasim is recognized as a game-changer in the realm of O/A Level Computer Science tutoring.
    • His ability to simplify complex concepts and provide real-world applications is praised.
    • The student expresses gratitude for excelling under Sir Qasim's guidance.
  3. Testimonial 3:
    • Sir Qasim's passion for Computer Science is described as contagious.
    • His commitment to student success is emphasized, with the student achieving an A in A Level Computer Science.
    • Sir Qasim is acknowledged as more than a tutor but as a source of inspiration.
  4. Testimonial 4:
    • Sir Qasim is recognized not only as a tutor but as a mentor who genuinely cares about students' success.
    • His comprehensive understanding of O/A Level Computer Science and patient teaching style are commended.
    • The testimonial concludes with a heartfelt thank you for making a positive difference in the student's academic journey.
Teaching methods

Teaching Methods:

  • Digital writing pad for online tuitions
  • Engaging and interactive learning sessions
  • Emphasis on practical application of concepts
  • Customized teaching approach based on student's needs
tutor\'s specialty areas
  • Computer Science O Levels ( 2210 / 0478 )
  • Computer Science A Levels ( 9618)
  • Programming ( Java, Python, C++ etc)
  • Databases ( SQL )
tutor\'s teaching philosophy.

Tutor's Teaching Philosophy:

  • Commitment to student success
  • Emphasis on building a strong conceptual foundation
  • Encouraging an engaging and enjoyable learning environment
  • Customized teaching methods to cater to individual learning styles
Suitable Areas
  • Islamabad
  • Rawalpindi


Masters of Science in Software Engineering
COMSATS University, Islamabad

Got 3.25 CGPA (Equivalent to 80%)  Doing programming from my intermediate level of studies till now and below are some of the things that I’ve worked on.  Built enterprise level project, University Bus Tracking and management, in android using Firebase real- time database, Firebase Auth, Firebase Storage, Firebase Cloud functions, Retrofit, Volley etc.  Built Voice Assistant Clone app like SIRI on android native.  Built Rest API using Mongodb, Express and Node. (Available on Github)  Built Rest API using python and PHP.  Built websites using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and JavaScript (live on Github)  Worked with data analysis using python with Pandas, OpenPyXL, Numpy and matplotlib.

FSc Pre Engineering
Fazaia Inter College

HSSC Pre-Engineering Fazaia Inter College, Nurkhan, Rawalpindi  Got 80% Marks

Matric with Sciences
F.G Boys High School No.1, Chaklala, Rawalpindi

SSC Science F.G Boys High School No.1, Chaklala, Rawalpindi  Got 80.47% Marks

Work & Experience

Tutor for O/A Level Computer


tutor for IGCSE Computer
Silver Oaks Schools and colleges

LECTURER COMPUTER SCIENCE IGCSE Computer Science Silver Oaks Schools and colleges

Ali Trust (Cadet) College

LECTURER COMPUTER SCIENCE HOD Computer Science Ali Trust (Cadet) College

Nicon Group of Colleges

LECTURER IT & PROGRAMMING BSc / MSc Level Students Nicon Group of Colleges  Android App Development  Python Programming  Java Programming  Information Technology


English Communication
Critical Thinking and Analysis
Home-online tutor for O level computer
Home-online tutor for A level computer
Home-online tutor for IGCSE computer