Syed Bilal Irfan

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December 16, 2003

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Summarized Profile

1. Accounting Principles and Practices: Covering topics such as financial accounting, managerial accounting, and auditing.

2. Commerce Studies: Exploring the principles of commerce, including business organization, trade, and entrepreneurship.

3. Banking and Financial Institutions: Providing insights into banking operations, financial markets, and monetary policies.
4. Economics: Teaching fundamental economic theories, microeconomics, macroeconomics, and applied economics principles.

Classes Taught

Focusing on Accounting, Economics, Banking, and Commerce:

1. Financial Accounting: Learn the principles and techniques of recording, classifying, and summarizing financial transactions to prepare financial statements.
2. Managerial Economics: Explore economic theories and concepts applied to managerial decision-making, analyzing factors such as demand, cost, and pricing strategies.
3. Banking and Finance: Gain insights into banking operations, financial institutions, monetary policies, and the role of banking in the economy.
4. Commercial Law: Study the legal framework governing business transactions, contracts, negotiable instruments, and other commercial activities.
5. Business Statistics: Develop skills in collecting, analyzing, and interpreting statistical data relevant to business decision-making and economic forecasting.

Subjects taught

Sure, here's a subject thought for your profile:

Mastering the Fundamentals:
A Comprehensive Study of Accounting Principles, Economic Theories, and Business Strategies in ICom Education.

Tutoring rates

1000 per subject monthly fee.

Time Availability

After 2 pm I am available


Involving parents in the tutoring process can significantly enhance the trust and credibility of my service. Consider offering regular progress updates and open communication channels to keep parents informed about their child's academic journey. Encourage parent involvement by inviting them to provide feedback and testimonials about their experience with my tutoring service. By demonstrating my commitment to working collaboratively with parents to support their child's learning goals, I can build a strong reputation for my service within the community.


Currently pursuing an MBA at Punjab University Lahore, building upon my academic foundation and expanding my knowledge in business administration.

Graduated with a degree in BCom from Punjab University Lahore, equipped with a strong understanding of commerce principles and practices.

Successfully completed my intermediate education in commerce, laying the groundwork for my academic journey and career aspirations.

Actively engaged in furthering my education and professional development through rigorous coursework and practical experiences in the field of business management.

Proudly achieving academic milestones and continually striving for excellence in my educational pursuits at Punjab University Lahore.

My A+ Achieving Strategy

1. Personalized Learning Plans: Assess each student's strengths and weaknesses to create personalized study plans tailored to their needs and learning styles.

2. Comprehensive Study Materials: Provide comprehensive study materials covering all topics included in the exam syllabus, along with supplementary resources for deeper understanding.

3. Regular Assessments and Feedback: Conduct regular assessments, including quizzes, mock exams, and practice tests, to gauge students' progress and provide timely feedback for improvement.

4. Targeted Revision Sessions: Organize targeted revision sessions focusing on challenging topics or areas where students need additional support, reinforcing key concepts through interactive discussions and activities.

5. Exam Preparation Workshops: Conduct exam preparation workshops to familiarize students with exam formats, time management strategies, and effective revision techniques, helping them approach exams with confidence and clarity.

6. Motivational Support and Encouragement: Offer motivational support and encouragement to boost students' confidence and morale, emphasizing the importance of perseverance, self-discipline, and hard work in achieving academic success.

By implementing these strategies, I can empower my students to excel in their exams and achieve A+ grades through dedicated study, personalized support, and effective exam preparation techniques.

Suitable Areas

Lethrar Road


Intermediate 2021

Done an intermediate in Commerce foeld (ICOM) with A grade.

Graduation 🎓 2023
University of Punjab lahore

I have done a ADC/ Bcom from Punjab university.

MBA(Masters in business administration) 2024
University of Punjab lahore

I am currently doing MBA from Punjab university...